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Good Week!

Feb 28, 2011

Hey family,

We had a great week! It was a busy one! The highlight of the week, Jimmy (our investigator) got a job! He's super excited and it was because he fasted and prayed to find one! Now he can move out and be baptized. We are also close with another investigator named Heidi. She's been shy about going to church but we handled that problem when we introduced a private church tour. Her fellowship family (Harris family) brought her to experience the peace/ spirit our church buildings bear. I felt the spirit as we took her around. We have Stake Conference this week and Heidi is excited to attend the adult session. Emely and her kids came to church which made it a good 5 investigators! We were happy with that. Members made them comfortable and they seemed to enjoy church once again.
We then had dinner at the Lymans home. Super solid family and i've really enjoyed developing a relationship with them. Their two oldest boys however are struggling with their testimonies. I just want to do all i can to help them realize the importance of this gospel.

We taught Emely and her kids at the Muirs home the following evening. It was our second dinner for the night=) We mapped out the "road of life" for the kids and they seemed to comprehend the main message. Basically its a summary of the plan of salvation and the doctrine of Christ. They know they must be baptized, it's just a matter of their dad not getting in the way.

We're having a lot of fun right now. I'm having a fun time doing missionary work. They days fly by and it really really helps if you have a legit companion. We're seeing blessings as we fast and pray; obedience helps too! I was able to talk to Elder Smedley last week on the phone (he stole our dinner calendar) it's like a new mission for him. I miss working with him, but i know that the Lord needs him in St Paul.

This Pilot Program for new missionaries continues to amaze me! Revelation central for real! We study really hard for our investigators and it keeps us on our toes trying to solve different barriers our investigators face. I would say that half is role play. Now you guys are probably wondering how could that help? Oh it helps! I've learned as you try everything you can for the situation the Lord enlightens the mind and the spirit of revelation comes. I read dad's email about his trainings and i found one thing that was similar, asking inspired questions. Yeah this allows a missionary to focus on the investigators needs and teach according to those needs instead of babbling like a retard.
My favorite chapter this week is Alma 42. Atonement central here! It explains to the doubters perfectly! Check it out!

Thanks for the pictures! I'll send you guys some pictures next week!

Elder Browning

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