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Hot, Humid =Horrible

Jul 25, 2011

Hey Family,

This week was probably the worst week I've had in the Hudson area. Well it's on my top 5 worst weeks on the mission. The weather had no mercy, we suffered greatly, and of course we tracted like mad dogs the entire week. That's how it always works out i guess. The Lord must try our faith. Our teaching pool has shrunk to a tiny teaching pool. What happened? We're still trying to find out what happened. So this week we really had no fruit so this letter might be a short one.

As i said before, our teaching pool is small. We have 1 progressing investigator and 5 others to consider investigators. Yikes, this means tracting in the hottest month of the year- yippee. We move on to those who have a sincere desire to improve their life and come to Christ. Tim and Roxane (investigators) invited us to have dinner at their house. They then showed us a 2 hour sermon of their pastor. I'm not sure if they're trying convert us or what. Tim and Roxane are the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and both have degrees to be ministers. But we will move on if they don't keep commitments.

One good result from our 20 hours of trackting in the hot weather was a potential guy named Denise. He's confused about all of the different christian religions and it makes sense that there would be only 1 christian church. Denise's biggest hang up is why bad things happen to good people so we whipped out the plan of salvation and gave him a bigger picture to look at. Denise liked the idea and said he would pray and read the Book of Mormon.

We're also meeting with Brother Dixen's mother and giving her a church tour. It's amazing to see this family grow in the gospel. Brother Dixen joined a year ago and now is working on his mother. Can i tell you its all about the members! We can't do anything as missionaries. Our best resources as a missionary are #1 the Spirit, #2 the Book of Mormon, #3 the Members, and #4 Technology. This makes a lot of sense because we tracted our hearts out the last week with very little success. A couple nights ago i was wondering if we were doing something wrong and that the Lord was holding blessing from us because we lacked in a certain category. I know the Lord will bless us for our efforts, but the days sure do seem discouraging when you have an empty planner which forces you to tract all day everyday.

We went golfing again today. I really enjoy golf! I still have a lot of work before i get to be an average golfer but something is relaxing about the sport. I'll be starting this up when i get home.=) We're also getting a new car on Wednesday! Right now we have a 2009 mazda 3, and we are pretty excited!

Well family i love ya, and i told you this email would be short and sweet. Wish me luck in the heat. I got Carly's wedding annoucement last Saturday. Crazy!

Elder Browning

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