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Short and Sweet

Aug 15, 2011

Hey Family,

I just talked to you a couple of days ago! But a lot has gone on in the last couple of days. We had a successful week and a busy one as well. We're starting to teach more and fill our schedule which is fantastic news for the Hudson area. Also we set a baptismal date with our investigator Harvey! It happened last night and it was amazing.

Harvey is a African that speaks French. He's been looking for the truth for some time. The light of Christ speaks volumes with his character, and i have always been a fan of this guy. He hasn't been to church yet, but we had a really good Joint Teacher at the last appointment. So hopefully that will solve his fears for coming to church or at least be able to break the barrier. We also picked up 3 new investigators. Gene and Barb are an older couple, probably 50's, but they know God sent us to their door step. We found them through the area book. Missionaries in the past have taught them, but due to miscommunication, they were dropped for no good reason. They're going through a hard time right now and we testified boldly that this gospel was for them.

We've also been working with a part member family, the Albright family. It's hard to see broken families, for it truly takes a toll on the kids and their behaviors. The kids were pretty grumpy. Josh and Christian, two teenage boys 14 and 13 had really no interest talking about God. We spent some good time just relating with them. Josh really likes NBA basketball, so as you know i was all over that topic. And Christian really likes Halo, so i was over that discussion as well. It really helped them soften up and listen. I think they have our trust now.

Well Zone Conference is this week. We'll be training the missionaries in our zone. We also made a zone logo! I'll send it too you.

Well family sorry this is short. I keep praying for all of you. I wish Carly Boyce the best! I can't believe Jordan is engaged. I have the best cousins and it's sad to see them fly away with their soul mates. must come.

Scripture Matt 22:35-40

Elder Browning

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