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Rochester Life

Sep 12, 2011

Hey family,
It's good being back in Rochester! I have felt great so far being here. This last week has been crazy. Elder Potter and I have been white washed into 4th ward, which means two brand new missionaries start in a ward together. Plus we still have our old ward to watch over,Rochester 2nd ward. Now can you imagine trying to get to know two brand new wards! It's a challenge, but it keeps us busy.
Two investigators came to church, Amy and Nick. Both are amazing! Nick(12 years old) is Amy's son, he eats up the gospel and loves going to class! Missionaries tracked into them 3 weeks before i got here.They are social butterflies with the members and they go on their own to sunday school.
It really has been something else being in Rochester! I'm grateful for the chance to learn and grow. We're going to Sparta Wisconsin tonight. We'll be over in that area for about 2 days going on tour to see other missionaries.
Well i must go! I'll write a better bigger email next week.
Elder Browning

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