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Baptisms in Plymouth

Jun 18, 2012

Hey Family

Another great week in Plymouth! The work continues to go forward. I'm so grateful for the experiences i've been able to witness thus far.

Ann and Jarom were baptized last Saturday. It was a glorious day. As the baptismal service was going on i was pondering about their journey to the gospel. It was just amazing to think how far they've come from our first contact on the street to their baptism. Ann and Jarom were prepared by the Lord and i'm so grateful they were put in our path. We involved a lot of wonderful people in the Plymouth Ward and this made all of the difference. We had a good turn out with all of her fellow shippers attending the service. There was a great spirit. I was in tears as i witnessed Ann in tears after she came out of the water. These moments are precious and i will never forget them. I love this work!

Shani continues to progress. It has been a great experience working with her. She came to church for the 3rd time and loved it. We're still on track with her baptism for the 30th. She's just so prepared, and as we teach her, she understands everything. She read the entire General Conference ensign and loved it! Shani has told us countless times how the church has brought her more peace and joy. Tonight we'll be having Family Home Evening at a members home with Shani. We're excited.

We had big success with teaching this week. We went above and beyond our goals, and picked up 5 new investigators. The work continues here and i'm thrilled to see the Lords hand in our everyday work. I love the people here, and will be very sad to leave them. There isn't enough time.

Our district continues to see miracles. My testimony of the Restoration has increased greatly with following our leaders council. The Lord has to bless us as we respect his servants. We've had 4 miracle baptisms come out of thin air as we strive to follow and apply president's latest council. I'm excited to share more of these things with you later!

Have a great week! I love you all,

Elder Brooks Browning

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