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First Email from MTC!

Jul 7, 2010

Hey Mommy!
I miss you so much! I can' not believe its been a week! Continue to keep me in your prayers!
So today is my first P-day. We've been looking forward to this day as a district. It's been nice to catch up on "me" time, but really i love not thinking about anything other than the Gospel. I've grown so much this first week. All the Elders say, the first week is as long as the remaining time in the MTC. Everything goes down hill now i guess. =)
So hay fever season is back for me. I thought i had a cold the first couple of days, (and maybe i was right) but now i know i'm suffering from hay fever. If you have anything that could help me, please send. My nose is always plugged to the limit!
So I love and miss you! i recieved the letters yesterday from the fam. I enjoyed getting 5 letters. ( My district was jealous.)  Keep the letters coming!
My companion Elder Woolley and I had our first lesson with an investigator. The programs are sweet here. They have a bunch of actors and they play different roles and people so it seems like a real life situation. Our teacher Brother Pinilliao, watches us through a hidden camera. I'm going to try and set up a appointment again!
Everything is keep it simple here at the MTC. It's really hard to teach a lesson and have it be simplified. Elder Woolley and I gave him a little too much detail i think.
The food here is great! Its all you can eat and with little work out time, i think i'm gaining a few pounds in the hips! Finally a little hip action!
I love hearing about the small things back at home. So keep the details coming! Daze is gone huh? From Foodnetwork star? HAHA. Keep me updated.
Well i'm running out of time here. i love you mom, and i'll write you tonight. I'm thinking about you!

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