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Change in Eden Prairie

Nov 8, 2010


So Eden Prairie and the Minneapolis stake went under some construction as of yesterday. With the whole process I thought of you dad and the Shelley South Stake. We lost a lot of young families, but gained a good amount of leadership. However, we lost our best investigator who's been investigating for some time. She has a baptismal date for December 11. Her name is Mary and she has quite the story. She's friends with Justin Osmond (Justin is the son of one of the original Osmond brothers). She wants him to baptize her and he won't be around until Dec 11. This is a prime example of what Eden Prairie goes through. So I'm excited for the change, and the opportunity to meet and work with new members. Things will even out. I think we're receiving a few new investigators from our neighboring Wakonia Elders. Whahoo, I'm always meeting new people!

The work in Eden Prairie has been awesome this week. We had a great week with less actives. This area is doing well bringing members back to church. The pictures you received were from a part member/less active family. I think activating an inactive member is just as good as a baptism in my opinion. We had 14 less active lessons this week, and 6 of them were at church. Yesterday we taught the Egberts (part member family) the gospel. We asked them if baptism is something we can work towards and they said yes. We're struggling with finding but perfecting the saints has never been so great! This week will be crazy with the change though. I'll keep you guys updated.

Alright so people keep telling me there is a winter here in Minnesota but I'm not buying that! This last week i put on my jacket once. It's near 65 degrees here. I feel bad after buying my expensive coat and not being able to use it. So as of yet, i have not experienced a really cold day in Minnesota but I've witnessed the rain fall and the humidity.

I've been really focusing on the Book of Mormon and Bible relationship. We are trying to show those we teach examples both in the Book of Mormon and Bible. When we show the relationship and hard evidence they seem to understand the Book of Mormon's role. Try it at home! I wish we would have done that while studying as a family. I've seen it help me understand certain principles when i read from both. I highly reccommend doing that as a family.

Elder Petersen and I are getting a long great. The first few weeks were a little shaky but maybe due to the fact he felt i was intruding on his turf. He's been here for 6 months and its his first area. I have respect for him and i continue to clean the bathroom and show service. I think we're over that awkward hump that most companionships go through.

Alright I'm sending you guys a package with a CD with a bunch of pictures and also a the memory card I've been using. I'll take a nice picture of myself. My scripture for the week is Mosiah 4: 27

I love you all and miss you guys!

Elder Browning

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  1. Hey Brownings!

    It's so good to read Brooks' letters. What a great attitude he has and what a great missionary he is. I want one of those carmel apples...yum yum! Hope all my Idaho nieces and nephews are all happy and healthy.

    Love ya,