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November Already?

Nov 2, 2010

Hey Family,

Thanks for the big updates in Shelley Idaho. I can't believe what's going on with the stake, but sounds like the Lords hand was with the changes. Speaking of change, the Minneapolis stake is making ward boundary changes too. They'll be having a meeting for the members to notify where the changes will take place. Haha what are the odds of the Minneapolis stake and Shelley South stake making changes at the same time. It will be interesting being a missionary when this actually takes place.

I liked how you guys said "change is necessary for growth", and its true. That's why missionaries are transferred so they can grow. This transfer has helped me grow and mature both in the gospel and socially. And there will be another change this week!

Eden Prairie had their Fall Festival last Friday. It brought back memories of home! Elder Petersen and I decorated our door for the Fall Festival. It was a missionary outfit with white shirt and a complementary name tag and the members were impressed. We ended the night with chili and pie. We had a few less actives show up to the activity so that was a plus. Getting to know members can be awkward and fun at the same time. I'm really trying to gain the members trust, first impressions are important. Speaking of members, the bishops wife is related to the Browning's. I think we're 3rd cousins? Anyway, I've enjoyed getting to know members and I've especially enjoyed having meals every night.

So we had 5 investigators at church. Whoohoo! The primary program does wonders. We also picked up 2 new investigators this week. Actually a cool story. Jennifer -our newest investigator- was talking on the phone with her Mormon friend about the missionaries. Right as she hung up, we knocked on the door. She let us in and told us that was a sign from God. She's married and has a 7 year old girl. She wants a conservative based religion-- hehe. I almost cried, i just witnessed the Lords hand!

I bought a North Face jacket. It's incredible! It was on sale so i had to buy it. I also bought a nice hoody/face guard. It was expensive-- it cost me $ 150.00, but i don't want to freeze this winter. It gets down to -20 degrees. It's really thin and stylish. Elder Petersen bought one as well and so we're matching for the investigators. =)

Hey if I'm catching you guys in a good mood you may read on. (Read with caution, contains Christmas present ideas.)
If not, wait to read =)
---a mini quad set of scriptures (red). It would help me study, and i would probably take those around to appointments because they're so portable.
--- a GPS that can plug into a house outlet (if there is such a thing). It would help me be more of an efficient missionary.

Well family i love you dearly. I've been loving the CDs you sent me (its my work out music every morning). Thanks for the pictures, i really enjoy looking at our happy family. I'll try and take a photo of myself today and send you guys out my memory card.

My scripture for the week: 2 nephi 26:33. Check it out!

Elder Browning

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  1. I love this Elder's optimism...and his Christmas ideas. Cody hasn't hinted to us yet.