Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Eden Prairie

Oct 25, 2010

Hey Family,

Alright this week has been wonderful and exciting. Eden Prairie is an interesting city and it's been nice driving to and from appointments. It really is a beautiful area with trees and gorgeous homes throughout the land. This fall weather has been just perfect. Thanks for the package from heaven! I love the cds and the conference issue is perfect for a study aid. I'm so grateful to have a family back at home who cares about my needs. I loved the pictures! I was a little homesick, but it was a must to see some faces and new pictures.

Chelsea and Brittany were baptized last Saturday. It was a cool experience coordinating the program with the ward and seeing the results of a successful baptism. It was neat to see smiles of the two girls. I'm happy to see a less active family come back to the gospel with potential to be a strong influence in the church.

Last Monday we met with the Egberts (part member family) for dinner and watched the restoration. They have lots of potential to progress. The discussion went well, and they're all willing to read the Book Of Mormon. We gave them a reading assignment, 3 Nephi chapter 11. We'll be watching the testaments with them tonight as a review. We'll be having dinner with them as well and FYI, i haven't missed a day in Eden Prairie where the members haven't fed us. Wish us luck!

This morning we went to the Nielson family for early morning seminary. We taught a brief lesson on missionary work and how important it is. There was about 18 kids and i was impressed with their determination to attend seminary at 6:00 AM. After we were done, Sister Nielson let us pick 2 boxes of cereal each. They had a huge selection! I l love the members!

So last Tuesday evening was crazy. Our drunk neighbors down stairs in our apartment came banging on our door yelling and swearing. There was a couple of them trying to get in, picking the lock, and they were doing this for a good 5 mins. If you can imagine, i had the kitchen knife ready at hand to do battle! Elder Petersen had a hammer as his weapon of choice, haha. We called 911 for harassment. Nobody was hurt, and they ended up running away. We have a picture of Jesus on our door, and of course they ripped that off. I'll admit, my heart was racing a little bit, but me and Elder Petersen could take them. =)

Mission Tour was last Thursday. Elder Hinckley came and i shook his hand! What a wonderful man he is. He's over the missionary program. He talked about the area book and how important that is, and also the media campaign. Again this media campaign is a huge deal. The church has already seen miracles from the efforts of this campaign. It was amazing to see the prophets son and his determination for missionaries in the church. He really likes President Howell and said he's done an amazing job here in Minnesota. I was also able to see Elder Sorenson- he's from our stake. He's good friends with Kory Shaw and he hung out with the same people i did back at home. Oh we got a new car, Mazda 3. It's a light ugly green. It's a sister car. =p

This Friday we'll be helping out with our fall festival. As missionaries we'll be passing out candy to the little ones in the church. Halloween is usually the day when the climate changes for the worse.

Well family i hope you all have a wonderful Halloween. Don't eat to much candy kids! We come in early as missionaries on halloween night!
Elder Browning

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