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Eden Prairie!

Oct 18, 2010

Hey Family,

So as you all know, I'm in Eden Prairie. Haha I'm glad you researched this place because it's amazing! Elder Petersen is a convert to the church for 2 years! He's an amazing missionary and he's been out for 3 transfers (all in Eden Prairie). He's very organized and down to earth. He's determined about the work and has an awesome relationship with the members - I'll definitely learn a lot from him.

So Eden Prairie is a beautiful place- 50,000 is the population. We also cover Chanhassen which is about 20,000. Eden Prairie is definitely one of the nicest areas in the state of Minnesota. There is lots and lots of money here. It reminds me of Sun Valley or a Jackson WY. I'll definitely send pictures of this place. We work with members and Elder Petersen has developed that nice relationship. President Howell has told Elder Petersen "we have to treat Eden Prairie different from other areas". Tracting is not effective here so we rely on the member referrals. We work with less actives and members. And guess what? We're having a baptism this Saturday! Chelsea and Brittany ages 10 and 8. Gilbert is the father and was reactivated a couple months ago. It's a cool story how the missionaries found him. Gilbert is from west Africa, so he speaks French and English, i love his accent. There's other part member families that could be baptized in the near future. Exciting!

All of the missionaries talk about Eden Prairie and most of them are jealous of this place! So the other night, i had dinner with Fahu Tahi, starting fullback for the Minnesota Vikings (star BYU full back). Cool eh? Haha he's a way cool guy and loves feeding and having the missionaries come over. And you know me, i asked detailed behind the scenes questions about the life of a NFL player. So can you see why this is the number 1 place to live in Minnesota? Most Timber Wolves/ Viking players live in Eden Prairie. Fahu Tahi told us where Brett Farve lives and where Adrien Peterson lives. This place has serious connections! The offensive coordinator for the vikings is also in our ward (Bevett family) totally awesome! We visited their home a couple days ago. It's cool to have these connections. Speaking of awesome members, we received a counter full of food--over 200 bucks worth of food. We eat very well here.

Well family i'm loving it here. It's different from Rochester. I'm looking forward to the adventure that awaits.
I'll let you know how the baptism goes. It will be my first baptism and i was blessed to come at the right time!

I think I'll buy my big coat here. I'll make sure i take a picture of myself before i send the memory card. Thanks for the letter/package =) I love you all so much. Mom i'm glad you're feeling better! I've been praying for you and will continue to do so.

My scripture is Alma chapter 12. This chapter is amazing and explains the fall perfectly.

Elder Browning

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  1. Living the high life in Eden Prarie...Pretty cool about being fed by LDS member of the Vikings... Good luck on Baptism Brooksy!!

    Uncle Todd