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Hello Family! Goodbye Rochester

Oct 11, 2010

Hey Family,

Thanks for the updates last week! I'm glad mom is feeling better, she's makes the top spot priority wise, all day everyday in my prayers.

So I'm getting transferred! I'm going to Eden Prairie, MN. It's actually the "heart of the mission". It's right in the center, close to the misson home. I've heard it's a car area, so I'm excited about the timing in the climate change. Don't get me wrong, i loved the bike area, but with a Minnesota winter coming around I'll take the heated seats. My companion is Elder Peterson-he's been out 4 months.

Rochester is changing for the better! We received another 8 new investigators,making a total of 15 new investigators the last 2 weeks. We also taught 21 lessons,making it the most productive week I've encountered.
Our ward mission leader said the area hasn't been able to reach the mission goal( 20 lessons) in 6 months.

Summary of Rochester 1

I'm sad to leave the area when things are picking up and the future is bright, but i know the lord needs me elsewhere. Rochester is my birth place on the mission,and I'll never forget the memories and hardships i went through. Everyday i felt i was growing in the gospel. I learned how to study the scriptures and i would say this place confirmed my testimony of scripture study--it is so important!

My patriarchal blessing says if i study diligently and feast on the scriptures, that's how I'll take my testimony to the next level. Patriarchal blessings are essential! I'm grateful i was given a great trainer to spark my mission for the better, Elder Payne is truly a wonderful Elder and he'll do great being a zone leader here. Elder Barker is great, we're very different, but I've learned to look for the positives in my companion. He's lucky to take over the area at a terrific time.

Rochester 1st ward is a wonderful ward, small in number, but big in testimony. I'll miss developing those relationships. I was also blessed to have a ward mission leader who took his calling seriously. We went joint teaching with him last week and i was impressed by the balance of love and defense for the gospel. Well time to pack my bags and begin a new chapter in Eden Prairie.

Well family, i love this gospel. It truly has changed my testimony. I thought i had a big testimony before, but i think I've tripled it in the 12 weeks i've been here. I still have a lot of things to learn, but i know with the Lords help all things are possible. My scripture for you guys this week is Jacob 4:13. It talks about the real spirit of prophecy.

Elder Browning

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