Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012



Oct 4, 2010

Hey family,

So i hope you all had a wonderful week listening to conference. Our leaders are truly inspired men that have huge spiritual buckets of energy. I've seen miracles during conference weekend, I've had some hard questions and thoughts that have been bothering me, but they were answered perfectly! I would like to share some highlights of conference that i thought were helpful and straight up amazing. I have a testimony now that when we prepare to receive God's word and do all that we can to work towards our answers, he will make it known to our understanding and comprehension.

My favorite talk would have to be

Dallin H. Oaks ( Personal & Priesthood lines) (Sunday morning)

He starts out --God has given us 2 lines of communication, priesthood and personal. We need both to develop in the gospel.

The personal line is our testimony and our own witness/experiences with the gospel.

The Priesthood line is that set foundation of truth Jesus Christ, Church, Leaders ( natural laws, 10 commandments).

If our testimony isn't where we want it to be, we're failing in one of the two lines. We need a balance to bring his work.

So if we rely too much on the personal line, we let the natural mind take over our thoughts and justify commandments and lose true doctrine.

If we rely on the Priesthood line, we don't develop and grow and learn from our own experiences. I think of it as relying on your parents testimony or church leader.

We need to have both lines connect to our spiritual router for us to really progress. There are too many people in the world who rely just on the personal line. I've talked to so many people who have justified themselves so much, it seems convincing at times. That's why we have the Priesthood line, it keeps the personal line in check.

This was my favorite talk. It will help me and my foundation in missionary work for what's right and what's wrong.

October 1st we went served all day and helped some of the people with the after math flooding. We took upon ourselves white jump suits and had at it. Basically we gutted out everything from drywall to insulation. Everything was a complete mess. The flood height was 6 feet and 6 inch's of water and entire basements were underwater and some middle floors! It was a messy job to say the least. They transported us on a school bus and when we arrived it looked like a war zone. I have an idea of what Hurricane Katrina aftermath felt like. It was a small city but there was a lot of work to be done. It was cool however to see helping hands. Food and supplies were provided for the less fortunate. There was a good 300 volunteers! We helped out a lady whose basement was completely engulfed with water, we worked hard. The citizens noticed the Mormon missionaries.

We've had a great week as far as numbers. We picked up 7 new investigators and taught 13 lessons which is really good for this area. We have some promising investigators who came to the church right after the afternoon session on Saturday. Abby and Dan. Both graduated in 08, so we can relate well, and both notice how members of our church conduct themselves and really like how Mormon's live their religion everyday.

Well family i hope you're all doing well. I'm doing excellent here. Transfers are next week and i want to stay here in Rochester for another transfer. I can't believe it will be transfer number 3 for me! I've been talking to Philip Sutherin and Jeren on email! Tell Cameron and Casey to write me!

Mom i hope you're feeling better and i'm praying for you every day and night. My scripture for you guys would have to be Alma 34: 8-10 it's a beast of a scripture!
I love you guys and have a great week.

Elder Browning


  1. Just to let you know, Jeren and Philip are also missionaries out in the field. :)

  2. He is such an inspiration - I love the conference breakdown and scriptures to study. I'm learning so much from these missionaries! Great blog, by the way!

  3. Loved to hear about his service in gutting all of those flooded homes...Brings back memories when our Ward went down to help Katrina families with their homes...Nice job Brooks!