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Big Week Ahead

Mar 21, 2011

Hey Family,

Alright we had a big week! We've been working hard to implement these new trainings in our daily planning and it's been working wonders. We have literally seen the Lords hand guide us through our days. It's an amazing feeling when you know you have followed the Lords will.

Heide will be baptized this saturday. We are now teaching the kids, huzah! Heidi has 3 boys ages 11-8 (two twins). The lesson was pretty crazy! It's hard to grab the attention of hyper children. We'll definitely bring candy to bribe them to settle down next time. The Volz family and Sister Thomas came with their kids (same ages). I have learned that it's all about establishing relationships. Heidi was actually a member referral in the Lake Nakomis ward. Their music teacher is a member, and she referred us to them. She came to church again and met with bishop so everything is falling into place! We just have to finish teaching the commandments/interview by our district leader.

Okay to start out, Eden Prairie had 10 new investigators this week and that's a miracle in its self. We witnessed the Lord do the work for us. The Lord really takes over--what we have to do is be obedient and have a humble and open heart to do the Lords will. I can't say these new investigators were from our efforts. One of these investigators is a mom (Alisha) who has 8 kids! Yeah we made first initial contact with Alisha's oldest son Kaden (14) the week before. He's one of the most mature teenagers i know. Kaden is just a cool skate board kid that wants to know the truth, and feels the mormons have good values. They go to a Catholic church that doesn't fill their needs. We're going over to their house this Wednesday for dinner!

About 1 hour ago, we taught Orlando. He's a Hispanic man who's looking for the truth. We met him last Saturday as a street contact. I was amazed how the Lord led us to him. As we talked on saturday, i truly felt his desire to follow God, whatever it might be. As we met with him today the spirit was super strong! He told us he just wants the Holy Ghost to guide him to the truth. He's been through a lot of hard times, and has seen the difference when God is a part of his life. Our main message was the gospel and the way to follow Christ. We challenged him to baptism! April 24 is the date. He's willing to work to that but wants to find out for himself if this is true. Golden Investigator! This guy is one of the most prepared and perfect investigators a missionary could ask for. He wants to change his heart (change his worldly ways) before he's baptized. He wants to attend Heidi's baptism this Saturday. This will be a huge step for him. We read Alma 7:15. It talks about coming unto Christ and making a covenant with him, which will lead us to leave our sins behind.

Well family wish us luck this week. I pray that we might be able to retain these investigators and give them an opportunity to search for themselves. I know the Lord will make our lives easier if we let him. We all have our agency, but are we humble enough to take God's path?

Elder Browning

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