Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012



Mar 28, 2011

Hey family,

The week ended beautifully. Heidi was baptized Saturday morning and it was a spiritual experience to say the least. The ward was so supportive and I'm blessed to be in a growing area. Transfer calls were today and no surprise, I'll be in Eden Prairie for another 6 weeks. I'm going on my 7th transfer! 9 months! Elder Filby and I are super excited to be with each other for 1 more transfer.

Heidi's baptism started with a bit of a scare. She came late, and then started crying admitting she didn't confess something to our district leader in the baptismal interview. We called president Howell and she talked to him for a bit, and now it's about 10:10. Yeah baptisms are already stressful, and this just added to the pile of problems. After a few minutes however, President Howell gave us the ok for Heidi to get baptized. The first obstacle was hurdled, but now for the second. Yeah so she struggled to fit in the baptism jump suit. Yes, it was bad. We hurried and found a XXL, and it fit. Now it's 10:20. It was bad because 3 full size non-member families were at the baptism which was supposed to start at 10:00. But we finally made it. Heidi's face was finally at a peace and she cried with tears of joy. It was amazing to see. Bishop Ackerman gave a powerful testimony that almost brought me to tears. Another testimony builder!

We met with our newest investigator family, the St. Syr and Pumble family. They have 8 kids. This is a kingdom builder family! We tracted into the son two weeks ago. We had dinner with them last Wednesday. Alisha (mom) and Kaden (14 year old son) are our investigators. We showed a clip about a family loosing a loved one, and then taught them the road of life and the source to make our journey pleasant is with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alisha was crying as we bore testimony of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was overwhelming and they all felt the spirit as well. The father (David) felt something too. McKenzie (13year old) said she has never been more interested in a religion before. Alisha "wants to research more". She then thanked us from a text later that night. Alisha told us we influenced the whole family even the little 5 year old. I thought of my family, and how much i want them to enjoy the things i know. That's what made this experience really special.

Alright we're still working with Orlando. We brought Kendall Brown with us (he's from Firth) he's our Elders Quorum President. I look up to him a lot. I see myself in him, not only with the last names, but he's in marketing which is a career choice i might like to pursue. The spirit was strong and Orlando just wants to follow the Holy Spirit to the right path.

We're still working with Emely and her kids. We finally were able to get Sister Sagastume with her 20 year old daughter Roxanne. They are from the same country as Emely and they got a long great! It really was the first time Emely felt engaged and comfortable with us. The joint teachers really testified and made a huge difference. We taught her the plan of salvation, and she belives. She commited to be baptized when she knows the church is true.

Well family i love you all and here is a scripture. Mosiah 2: 36, and i've seen this with families!

Elder Browning

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  1. I love reading Brooks' letters. What a great missionary! At first I was thinking that baptism was sounding like a disaster ... opposition in all things, right? Brooks is definitely inspiring.