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Conference is a Beautiful Thing

Apr 4, 2011

Hey family,

Conference was this week. We were able to have revelation for our investigators. I remember the days when i struggled to watch conference but that day is no more! My testimony was strengthened as i watched our prophet speak. It is amazing to see the difference when you are spiritually in tune. I'm grateful for conference and our leaders are men of God. I came with one question to conference and left with an answer! Elder Bednar was my favorite speaker on how revelation comes and the process of revelation. I love how he compared the sun rise with revelation. The sun comes slowly, but you can notice the change in your life, same with revelation.

It was cool to see Heidi (the lady we baptized) cry durning conference. She has a deep love for the Savior and has realized that this is the Savior's church. Jimmy also enjoyed conference. I felt like a babysitter trying to keep an eye out for those who aren't so accountable with conference. We called all of our investigators to make sure they watched conference. I can relate because i was once there and i didn't want to watch conference! It was like the NFL superbowl for us missionaries.

So we had a rough week with conference. We ran out of miles on our car, so for the first 3 days we were on bikes. All i can say is, i'm out of shape. I haven't biked for 7 months! We also struggled to teach investigators so it was a down week. But we'll recover this week.

So yesterday after conference Elder Filby and I were shewed off someones property. Yeah, this isn't the first time. The man told us "I'm head of the association here, please leave." Every time we tried to get a word in he would interrupt saying "Please leave!" He said this like 6 times. As we were walking to our car he said "i'm taking your license plate number and calling the cops!" Elder Filby and I were pretty mad but made a joke out of it. I was joking with Elder filby saying, "Oh thanks for calling the cops, we love referrals" =)

Alright so we've been teaching Orlando and he wants to be baptized. Super religious guy, and he knows the role of the holy spirit. He's so cool that he made lunch for us and wants to go joint teaching! The only thing we're struggling with is authority with him. He believes all men with faith have authority. Which is scary because he could easily go to another church and get baptized. We're having him pray about Joseph Smith and if he did restore the gospel. He's loving the Book of Mormon! He's so prepared that he quit drinking, smoking, and he wants to get married before he gets baptized. He told us all of this before we told him it was a requirement! Soo good!

Well family i love your letters. Hope all goes well! Its windy here too. It seems like you guys are always sick! Elder Filby caught a cold two days ago. Yikes, we are taking my vitamins.

Love, Elder Browning

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