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Happy Late Easter!

Apr 25, 2011

Hey Family,

Happy late Easter! What a wonderful time of the year it is--the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. I was in a happy mood this week, wonder why ;). There is a different vibe when you're a missionary this time of season because you can just feel the joy. The weather here is marvelous and i love being outside talking to people about the gospel. No wind and crystal clear skies--last week wasn't so great.

Our ward had an Easter party Saturday night. We were able to meet a couple potential referrals there, and also some eternal investigators (Craig and Kim) came. I really love this ward. I'm so grateful I've been able to learn from so many different people. Relationships are so cool! I will miss Eden Prairie dearly when i leave, my time is coming...

My Easter was wonderful despite not coloring eggs and trying to find hidden treasures. It was much more fulfilling living the gospel to its fullest. We had a great week. We set 4 baptism dates! One with Jack Anderson (self referral) and Heidi's kids. Jack is just a super awesome guy with a super awesome Russian accent. Just yesterday, he wanted us to find him a large print King James version of the bible. He's the perfect investigator and realizes there are things missing in the bible. He's willing to study his heart out to receive an answer. Heidi's kids came to church! Noah and Abraham (twins) went to class with no problem. Estevan had a different idea. He's 10 years old, and lets put it this way..very.. very stubborn. Our primary president pulled us out of our gospel principles class to help her convince Estevan to come inside (he ran outside). We talked with him for awhile and took a walk around the church building to build some trust. I don't know how i had patience at that moment, because if i was in this circumstance a a year ago i would have blown up. We sat in on the couch in the fourier and read some Book of Mormon scriptures comic book style. We took turns reading the exciting stories that were tailored for a kid. He's excited for his baptism and all three kids will be baptized on mothers day.

Jimmy is moving into his new place today. He'll be baptized as well on mothers day which is really neat because he lost his mother at a young age. Jimmy is way excited to be baptized. He has such a strong testimony of this church and its really been neat to see his spiritual journey. He wants to be a missionary so bad! He's dropped his earrings and gangster hats and has gone with a clean look now.

Well family i will talk to you on skype this mothers day! Dial in to talk to your favorite missionary! Sunday after church, you won't be disappointed. haha.

I love you all! have a great week! My scripture for the week Jacob 3:11-- so good!

Love, Elder Browning

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