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Pick Up and Move

May 2, 2011

Hey family,

This week has been a long and tiresome week. We moved apartments last saturday. Yes we moved to our prime area Chaska. We also struggled to get investigators to church and struggled to teach. Our Investigator pool is taking a nose dive and we're trying to save it.

We woke up at our usual time,6:30. We then packed and cleaned as much as we could. The Assistants to the president came and helped us move and they brought the mission trailer and 12 passenger van. I'll admit, i was stressing a bit with the move. We had a lot of junk despite cleaning and throwing away items. We were grateful for the closed trailer because of the rain and wind. We lived on the 3rd floor which didn't make things easy, but bit by bit we moved every single piece of cheap furniture down to Chaska. Our new apartment is modest and clean. We have a work out room now! Time to lift some 35 pound dumb bells. Our car is also in a garage that's below the apartment complex, plus we have our own washer and dryer. The change feels good. After 7 months in one apartment, you need to spice things up. Oh haha then after words, we ran out of miles and ended up riding bikes the rest of the day. We went up this huge hill. I've never struggled so much in my life for breath!

Missionary work was down this week. We've been struggling to get investigators to church. Jack Anderson wants to hold off on May 7th for baptism, and he didn't come to church either. I guess he was also moving that weekend. Heid's kids are also going down. They didn't come to church! Heidi doesn't know how to control those hellions. We'll be pushing back their dates. Our teaching pool has been sliced in half. Just like that with a blink of an eye! We picked up a few investigators this week to help the cause. Elder Filby and I are having a lot of fun together. Missionary work is so much easier when you have a good companion. I know my time is coming for a challenging transfer.

I'm so glad Emma's baptism went well! I'm grateful i was a part of that! Send me pictures. What a wonderful time for the whole family. I miss those family outings.

Thank you for the Easter package! I truly felt the love. I've been reading the conference note book, and I want to collect all 4 when i'm out here.

Well family sorry this is short. We're in Waconia today emaling with our neighboring elders. We're gonna go ball it up at the church and then buy some burgers and shakes!

Skype! 6:30 mothers day. Looking forward to it! I'm writing down questions so be ready to answer fam.

Love you all!
Elder Browning

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