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Goodbye Eden Prairie, Hello Wisconsin?

May 9, 2011

Hey Family,

A week to remember on the mission-- full of change and hope! We had a baptism on Mothers Day. Jimmy Cha was baptized! It was great seeing and talking with you guys on mothers day! It was definitely a little nerve racking and the anticipation was killing me. Also transfers were crazy.

Jimmy's baptism was an amazing experience and i was able to baptize him. Jimmy knows the church is true, and his faith has carried him through the hard times. Since Jimmy doesn't have a lot, he's realized how the gospel can bless him. He's scared to go back to California where his dad lives. Since he's joined the church, he'll be chopped liver to his family but now he's starting a new life here in Minnesota with the help of the members. Brother Peden (a single man) opened up his home for Jimmy to live in. Yes it was a good thing, because Jimmy was living with his girlfriend Sai for the longest time. The ward really has adopted Jimmy, if you will, because he has no other support. The baptism was a perfect ending to my stay in Eden Prairie.

After 7 1/2 months in Eden Prairie, President Howell has shipped me off to Hudson, Wisconsin. My companion will be Elder Bowen (great elder). This area has been wonderful. I have met so many great people and i'll be able to stay in contact with them through the wonderful website Facebook when i get back. I'm ready for a change now, and i know this will be a growing transfer.

It was amazing to see you guys on the webcam! It wasn't as hard for me to recover the second time around. It felt so good that you are all doing well! I pray for you all everyday. We're going to play some basketball now. I hope you all have a great week! My scripture of the week would have to be Jacob 6:5.

Wish me luck this week! I'll need your prayers more than ever!

Elder Browning

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