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Elder Browning is Loving the Weather

Apr 11, 2011

Hey Family,

The weather in Minnesota is perfect! I'm talking 60 degree weather! Oh my goodness I am happy. This week was an average week though with nothing too big to report.

First off, we've been teaching Heidi's kids-- Heidi was baptized 2 weeks ago. Elder Filby and I call them "Hellions". These 3 monsters are something else. They have no father figure in their life which means no discipline. Guh! The last lesson was awful. We were barely able to have a 5 minute lesson with them. Two of the kids wouldn't even participate. You guys would laugh seeing the situation. Elder Filby and I just looked at each other like deer in headlights. We had zero control. Noah (Hellion #1) started to literally tear the house down. He knocked over books, and ripped up paper. It was just chaos. We left laughing about the experience. All I can say is, it's better for kids to be mega shy than to be Hellions.

Church was awesome. The big highlight was Peter Smith, a recent convert giving his farewell talk. He was baptized a year ago and is now heading to Fresno California to serve a two year LDS mission. His family isn't supportive, and actually they're quite anti.

The gospel is true! It was neat to see Estela, Sheri, and Heidi all in the same room together for gospel principles. Knowning i helped them come closer to Christ was cool. Our Gospel principles was packed last week with non members. I have truly enjoyed my stay here in Eden Prairie and working with people of all backgrounds is just a neat thing to experience.

We met with Mitch last night. He's 17 years old, and his mom is a life long member. But Mitch has never been involved with church. He's still looking for an answer if God is really there. We went over how to receive answers and the things that might be distracting him from those answers. We were able to have him pray for the first time out loud! His mom had a little tear in her eye, because it was the first time she had heard him pray. This is a big step for Mitch because he struggled before to pray out loud, but now he is showing his faith in God. We also gave priesthood blessings to Emely (an investigator) and Sis Sagastume. That was a spiritual experience. Thanks for the oil container. I was ready for the call!

Well family, the Gospel is real. Time and time again it testifies to me that this work is real. Hope you all have a great day/week! My scriptue for the week is Alma 13:27-29. It says to me, don't put off the gospel but use it! I've also been eating up Mosiah. Mosiah is my favorite book right now. I'm loving the chapters after King Noah is killed. Mosiah 20-22 it's way cool!

Elder Browning

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  1. I wonder if Brooks just sealed his fate for his future children by saying, "It's better for kids to be mega shy than to be Hellions."!?! ;)