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Warm with success

January 10, 2012

Hey Family,

It's been a crazy week! My goodness i've learned a lot from everything! Last Sunday we were able to set 3 baptismal dates with a family! Yesterday we had our interviews and a training hence why this email is today. Sorry this email will be short but enjoy the pictures!

We set 3 dates yesterday! Missy, Evan, and Kortny. We're super excited. Missy is the mom with her oldest son Evan and his step sister Kortny. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was a super powerful lesson, probably one of the most powerful Plan of Salvations i have taught. Missy wants to give up smoking! She's been wanting to quit, and her husband (a less active member) said he'll quit with her so he can clean up and get worthy to baptize them.

We were also able to have a small miracle with a man in the area book. I was looking in our area book one day when i came across a name that i thought we should stop by. We stopped by at the right time as well! His name is Mark. He requested the missionaries to come to him but no one came. He's super solid, and wants to change his life and knows there is something about this gospel and our church. We taught him a powerful lesson on baptism and the reality of Christ. We read Alma 7 and invited him to be baptized. He said yes. We haven't set a specific date yet, but we think it will come soon! Mark is dealing with family problems and he knows that baptism is a good way for him to be able to cope with these challenges. I love the area book! This is where you can find people that have already been prepared.

The weather here in Duluth has been crazy! 40 degrees! It was 50 degrees at one point. This is totally opposite of last years winter. All of the native Duluth citizens keep telling me this is very very odd, and that we usually have a couple of feet of snow by now. The Lord has put me here at a good time-- i'll tell ya that! We don't have any snow on the ground yet but it will come i'm afraid. I'll enjoy it while i can.

I'm looking forward to this week. We’re teaching a lot of people! I'll keep you all posted.
The pictures are of the harbor down by Lake Superior two weeks ago for p-day.

Elder Browning

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