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Little colder, little stronger

January 23, 2012

Hey Family,

Minnesota is finally living up to what it should be for weather. We've had some -30 below days with the wind chill. The snow is coming down right now, and everyone is grateful for this because the snow actually helps insulate the water pipes from freezing and breaking. Elder Olavason is such a cool guy and he's been out for about 6 months. We have so much in common. He loves basketball and loves BYU. We're working hard together. He's from Rigby, Idaho and knows a few of my friends in Rigby. The week was strong in some aspects and weak in others. We had 3 investigators to church, Missy and Kortney (our date sets) came and loved church. It was a good all around week for us. We found 5 new investigators too. We also introduced and implemented the idea of setting our monthly missionary goals (key indicators) to our ward council. It was a really neat experience to have the leaders in the ward come forth and get excited about our goals.

Missy and Kortney have been doing really well! So well, they're sharing the gospel with their family. We've started to teach their mom and 11 year old brother. We met at their house to teach the whole family. It's been really neat to see the light of Christ in Missy and Kortney's eyes as they share the gospel. I'm telling ya, the Lord blesses our testimony when we share it. The Lord will only strengthen our testimony so much before he expects us to share the gospel. My testimony has never been stronger, and it's because i share it 24/7. We're also working with a guy named Matt. He has voiced he wants to be baptized and wants to change his life. He's going through a lot of things right now, so hopefully we'll be able to get him to church.

Transfers were rather crazy. We had the Thunder Bay Canada elders come down to pick up their new trainers. Elder Filby (i trained him in Eden Prairie) is now in Thunder Bay. We were companions again for about half a day. It was a great experience! Who ever thought we would be together again in Duluth? Elder Filby and I are very close, and we'll definitely be hanging out when our missions come to a close. We looked at each others pictures on our camera's and talked about the good old days in Eden Prairie. We had so many funny and spiritual experiences together- a good night of laughter!

We'll i'm loving life. There is nothing better than missionary work. I'm so grateful for my time here in Duluth. We had the best week as a district! 35 new investigators the last 2 weeks! We also had 14 investigators to church as a district! We also made our goal of 3 baptisms in January. We have 5 baptism dates as a district for February. I have really loved this role as a district leader.

Elder Filby and I @ our apartment.
And the other was in the morning when it was below zero- my eyelashes froze!

Stay warm and happy!
Elder Browning

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