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Another warm week

February 6, 2012

Hey Family,

It's sunny and bright outside. I have been so blessed! No one has seen Duluth this warm. It seriously feels like spring is around the corner.

I'd like to share an experience we had yesterday. Elder Olaveson and I were doing area book work. Basically the point of the area book is to contact former investigators and other contacts that have already been introduced to the church. Elder Olaveson contacted a lady just at the right time. She was having a bad day and she was praying for guidance, her past history has been a lengthy one. Her husband was a member, but she never did join the church. Elder Olaveson was the right guy for her as she knew that this was a sign from God. What's funny about this is Elder Messenger and I stopped by 3 weeks ago to see her. She wasn't interested at the time due to a tragedy. We have an appointment with her this week and we'll let you know how it goes. Small little miracles, i forget to share these because they happen so often on the mission.
It's a really exciting time for me on the mission. 

Twin Ports is about to explode! We're pretty close with a couple of leads to new investigators with members. Some of them have already come to church! It's was neat to see a part member family that were working with come to church! Yes! Things are happening here, and we're just trying to work hard and stay focused. Missy and Cortney are falling off the boat a little bit. We helped Missy move last Monday -she was grateful for the help. The ward turn out was really good. They did not come to church and it was a little disappointing not seeing them. We had 5 investigators to church though. We continue to push and stretch ourselves. We had to drop an investigator though this week, a very kind man. So kind he fed us every week. He would not pray in front of us, and would not come to church. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and let investigators reflect on their own.

District Meeting was a growing experience. My district has 3 sets of senior couples and 3 sets of missionaries. A total of 7 teams=14 missionaries. District meetings are always a whoot. The newest senior couple is just funny as all get out. They're from Mapleton Utah! Small world. Our district is probably the largest in the mission! We also have the most experience with the age and wisdom of the senior couples! It's been a great experience for me working with senior couples, and it's a lot different than just regular missionaries.

Zone Conference is this week. I have a deep love for my President Clements. I stand by him 100%! Twin Ports ward is hosting the Zone Conference. It will be interesting on Thursday because other missionaries will be coming around the zone to stay at our apartment. We''ll probably have 2 sets of missionaries with us. Elder Olaveson and I plan to treat them well with a good breakfast in the morning.

Hope all is well! Love ya’ll! Tanner's last email will be next week! Crazy!

Elder Browning

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