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Big week in many ways

February 13, 2012

Hey Family,

What a great week it's been for the Browning family. I just loved hearing of the aftermath of Tanner's farewell party/talk. Thank you for taking the time and updating me on that. I know you all have a lot going on with crunch time. I really felt the spirit as i read Tanner’s talk.

Thank you so much the for package of love you sent me! I enjoyed the pictures so much and the letters were amazing. Thanks for everything!
I'll make this email quick:

We had a fantastic week. We were anticipating a big week, but we exceeded that. We found 10 new investigators, and taught 25 lessons this week. This is really big for the Twin Ports ward! We were able to fill both sides of the progress record for the first time in this area. It's a really exciting time right now, and we have a lot of potential. We had a good week for investigators to come to church but only five of them came, which was a bit disappointing. We were expecting 9-10. Church is a really hard thing for people, but it really does show their level of commitment.

We finally got a hold of Missy, and she's been going through a lot right now. Ever since she moved, her spiritual side has been lacking. She's been dealing with problems in her family. We were finally able to contact her the other day and found out what was going on. The whole week Elder Olaveson and I were worried. We have pushed her date back to March, and we made a weekly game plan with her. We'll be involving her bishop’s family more this week with service and teaching. We'll also be at another members tonight for FHE with Missy. She still has a strong desire to be baptized thankfully and with this game plan we should get her up to speed.

Zone conference was great! President and Sister Clements are so high on the spirit, and i respect them so much. We learned more about extending commitments with love. I learned a lot. We were told we need to be more real with our investigators and express our love to them.

For two days we’ve had 5 other missionaries at our apartment. We're out of food because of it haha but we had a good time. Great week!
Well I'm excited for Tanner. I love you all and will keep Tanner in my prayers and you all!

Elder Browning

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