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Transferred to Duluth

December 5, 2011

Hey Family,

I've been transferred to Duluth Minnesota! I can't believe I'm going up north of the cities. It will be a 3 hour bus ride from the Twin cities. I'm excited and extremely sad at the same time. My heart and home is here in Rochester. I've developed so many good relationships and friendships it will be hard to leave- I'm sure I'll have some teary eyes. I will be a district leader up there. Duluth has been known in the mission as the wilderness, cold and beautiful. I'll be able to see Lake Superior for the first time. Duluth typically receives more snow than the twin cities or Rochester. My companion will be Elder Messenger. I'm very sad to leave Rochester, but the Lord knows what needs to happen for me to learn and grow. I will do what the Lord commands!

This last week Rochester Stake had their annual Nativity display. It was a huge attraction for the city of Rochester. This was their 11th year putting this display together and they have created a good reputation for Rochester over the years. There was over 200 unique nativities from different countries-- it truly was a sight to see. The stake did not hold back on going all out. There was musical numbers along with light refreshments and a live nativity. Of course there were tons of non-members and we had a few investigators come which was great!

We're putting on a party for Elder Bowen. Elder Bowen has influenced me greatly on the mission. He is one of the best examples and leaders. He leaves for home this Wednesday. We've created a poster board with pictures we'll have a good time together with him playing dodge ball.

The snow is here! Last Saturday the storm hit! It will be cold from here on out. My goodness i'm scared for this winter because Duluth is a bit more extreme than Rochester. I'm grateful for my coat and my warm gloves and hat.

I will miss David, Amanda and family. David was telling us a couple days ago that he bought some handcuffs to keep both Elder Potter and I here. I will dearly miss them for i know why i was sent to Minnesota. I will keep close contact with them, and one day, i hope you all will be able to meet them!

Well Family i love you all! Stay warm and pray extra hard for me in Duluth that i may travel safe on Wednesday at 10:00am. I'm glad Dallin is feeling well.

Elder Browning

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