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Strong Week

May 28, 2012

Hey Family,

What a great week it's been in Plymouth Minnesota! I'm grateful for the good experiences we've been having. The week was wet and stormy! No wonder it's so green here! I can't believe the rain we've been getting. It literally rains all night long. There was one point in the week where it rained for 48 hours straight. But it was a strong week with our numbers for we had a good balance of finding and teaching this last week. We are pleased with our efforts.

The lesson at the mission home went ok. No baptismal date with them yet. We went into the lesson really prepared and confident that it would be a spiritual experience. The stage was set and the pressure was on. This was my first time teaching with President Clements’ family in his home! President said we did a great job teaching. The problem is the lack of desire that Jen and Doug have. President gave us some good inspiration though on what we needed to do. He called us later that night and felt impressed for us to teach them a certain commandment. The spirit bore witness to my heart that this was what was holding them back. We looked at our teaching record and found that they hadn't been taught this commandment! President is truly inspired and i know he has the keys for missionary work in the Minnesota area. It was really a neat experience to bond with President Clements. I have really enjoyed being close to the mission home. I've developed a greater relationship with President Clements being in the cities again. That's one of the nice perks, you run into and communicate more with President Clements here!

 The reason this week was so successful is hard work of course! We found another family! We tracted them out and taught them last Saturday. This is great news because we're trying to build our teaching pool in Weaver Lake. We'll continue to build our teaching in the Plymouth and Weaver Lake wards.

Our date sets are doing great! Kaylee and Jeff will be baptized this Saturday at 2:00. We went over the baptismal interview questions and to our surprise they were able to answer most of them. I guess we did something right while teaching them =) Kids are usually the most difficult to teach. The ward is super pumped. It has been a joy to bring members to their home, for that is the best way for people to get in the missionary spirit is to join and experience it for themselves. This has been one of the best experiences: working with members to bring souls to Christ. We'll be breaking the dry spell that hit the ward. I'm grateful too because the Plymouth ward is probably the most elite all around. Eden Prairie and Plymouth are very good all around in fellowshipping strong families.The ground is ready to be harvested here.

 Ann is doing well and she's still on track for the 16th for her baptism. We taught her the word of wisdom. She had a worried face when we talked, but courage was among her countenance. She accepted to live the word of wisdom. The kids were all for it, they were happy to follow God's health code. Ann came to church and sat with the Lee family and really connected with them.  Ann was able to finally drop off her daughter in nursery since she turned 18 months, and this allowed Ann to really participate in class and to have a spiritual experience. We learned about the spirit world this week and she loved it. Ann text us after church and told us how much she enjoyed church! It is so important to continue to concrete their fellowship and testimony. Ann also gave us a referral for one of her friends! She's been sharing the gospel with her friends.

Elder White and I received a phone call on Friday. It was a member of the bishopric asking us to give a talk in sacrament meeting because a member dropped out last second. We only had to talk for 8 minutes so it wasn't too bad. We both were assigned to talk on the plan of salvation, a topic i'm very familiar with +)

This week we'll be having leadership training. I just know President Clements will be cracking down on us. He's a very talented man and knows how to solve problems. I'm excited for the training, this will take place tomorrow 8-3.

Exciting news, Elder White and I with a member will be attending a Twins game today. It’s the only monday game during day time hours of the season, and that’s a bit of a tender mercy. If it wasn’t for the day time hour we wouldn't be able to attend. I figured this might be my only opportunity to go to a baseball game, let alone a Twins game that's in Minnesota! We bought 45 dollar tickets hoping to have a descent experience.- as much as a baseball game will offer =) It's no NBA basketball game, but it will be my first time going to a professional baseball game. I'm looking forward to it. A member is driving us and attending with us. I'll send pictures next week.

A special shout out to Amber and JT for I wish them the best this week and i'm happy for both of them! They are perfect for each other.

Have a great week!

Elder B Browning

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  1. I'm really going to miss these great emails and experiences from Elder Brooks!