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Boom to the past

May 6, 2012

Hey Family,

 It's been a boom to the past this last week. The high light would have to be Stake Conference. It was a wonderful event. First, Ann came to both sessions of Conference! She really enjoyed both sessions. Ann is taking in the gospel and is really enjoying the peace that's coming with it. A key factor has been her fellowship family, the Hanburg family. One of the best fellowship members i have witnessed on the mission.

It was great reconnecting with members from the Eden Prairie ward. I was able to talk to a good amount of them. Boy no wonder heaven will be amazing- we'll all be there together in the gospel. This has been a great blessing, brothers and sisters in the gospel with a common faith.  I didn't realize how important that principle is.  I have learned this lesson on the mission. I also learned how fast time goes, and how fast things can change in such a short time.

I had my first taste of Chicken feet! It was a great experience. The whole entire foot simmers in this green mushy seaweed stuff. And yes it tastes like chicken =)

Thunder and lighting has taking its toll here! The crazy Minnesota spring weather has come at full force. Just like Tanner described in his last email, i was also awakened by a crash and boom that shook our entire house. When it rains it rains! We took a trip down town Minneapolis for a district leader conference and the roads were slightly flooded! It was kind of crazy. The west never has to put up with this. We have great weather now, but it's been unpredictable so we'll see what happens.

We've been working with the area book lately. We've been stopping by old addresses and hoping that someone in the area book is ready to receive the gospel again. I like taking this approach when i first come into area. You have far better chance increasing your teaching pool quickly in a short amount of time vs knocking doors all day. We had a really good experience yesterday. We met a lady who was a great Christian, and we were able to teach her for the first time on her porch. We found her after stopping on a former investigator, then doing 10x10 (knocking 10 doors in each direction). She told us that we had the spirit of Christ, and that Christ was trying to tell her something about our visit. At first she was very hesitant to talk to us and listen to our message, but we were able to have a good visit. She told us we could come back again and would enjoy learning more- miracle yo.

Well family i'll be able to do the Skype thing. We're going to be at one of our favorite members- Cullimores- for dinner and skyping. Since you guys don't get home from church until 5 my time, we'll try and go for 6pm central time. Looking forward to it! Maybe you can record something from Tanner!

Love you all so much,
Elder B Browning

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