Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Miracles do Happen

April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

 What a wonderful week to be a missionary in the Plymouth Minnesota area. I'm in love with the fact that the Lord is over the work here in Plymouth! I'm grateful to have challenging weeks and faith building weeks. Let me expound a bit.

 We were able to to set 2 baptismal dates with Ann and her son Jamel. Ann's family have been my joy in the Plymouth ward/experience,and so this makes 4 total dates. We found Ann by approaching her at her door. She let us come back for a return appointment and she's been receptive ever since. This family is very special. Ann and her 3 kids, 10,7,18months, came to church for the first time this last sunday. It was great to see them! We were able to engage some members early in the teaching process  which enabled them to have an immediate friendship. The whole family had a great experience at church. After church, one of their new member friends invited them over for dinner. We were also able to attend and teach a lesson at a members home. In this meeting we invited Jamel (10year old) to be baptized. He said yes with energy. Great experience, they'll both be baptized in June. Ann was telling us during the meeting that she has always been receptive to the spirit and can feel truth.

 We've been making a effort to get to know the members in Plymouth. This ward is comparable to a Utah ward. Very strong with lots of youth and leadership. We've taken the simple approach of stopping by our members, introducing our self and offering our services. It's paying off somehow for the members of the ward are coming up to us and asking for copies of the Book of Mormon to give to their friends. Go members!

Mini miracles happen every day, we just have to recognize the Lord's hand. We were led to a certain house and this lady was house watching when we knocked the door. She said she was praying for guidance on what to do with religion. We talked to her for a good 30 mins on the door step and told her that the Lord's hand was in this. We'll be seeing her next Wednesday. These things happen all of the time on the mission. =)

 You know to be honest we're not teaching a whole lot right now, but the investigators we do have either have baptismal dates or have really good potential to progress. Some days really do lag, but we continue to be smart with our time.

 One of my more interesting tracking experiences happened this last week. Before our dinner appointment, we tracked a few houses around the member. Well we ran into a old man who was an atheist. He first ran out of the doorway passing us on the steps and told us to follow him to the garage that was in front of the house. He opened up his garage and started showing off his sweet high end Audi car (super worldly huh?). I thought it wasn't going to be bad, until he changed the subject. He then got in my face and started telling me how stupid i wasjm and that, "you've wasted 2 years of your life, why don't you think for yourself?" I kept my cool though for the 2 minutes of taking the verbal abuse. The only thing i could respond with was that this gospel and church has given me peace and joy. This guy was a modern Nehor. I didn't want to argue because he wasn't even polite or mature enough to have a discussion. It got to the point where i just said, "You don't know me or this gospel, and how can you be so ignorant and disrespectful?" It was interesting, because i just read Alma 14 that very day which talks about the saints being killed and thrown into the fire. Truth will always be rejected by some.

Tanner seems to be doing well, I'm glad he can see the strength in praying for one another. I sure felt that same thing when i first came out on my mission. I continue to pray for all you every day.

Love you all,

Elder B Browning

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