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Loving the Change and Challenge

April 23, 2012

Hey Family,

This week has been a great week! I'm really enjoying the work and finding a lot of joy in the change that has taken place. I'm loving the new faces and new challenges that await me this transfer. It was a great week. The weather is up and down but today is rather nice.

Paul was baptized! Elder White was working with him for sometime, and i was grateful to be part in the home stretch for him. The Bishop in the Weaver Lake ward baptized him. It was a great turn out from the ward. Paul gave a great testimony, he'll be a great member. He shared his latest scripture study notes with us from his iPad. I just love how investigators are using these tools to learn more about the gospel.

I had the chance to go on exchanges in Eden Prairie-my old area! I served 7 1/2 months there so it was quite a treat to visit again. My roots are deep for the love of the people. I was able to visit Jimmy, the Egbert's, and the Peterson's. These are the families i taught when i was in Eden Prairie. It was great to see them again.

I'm really enjoying the work here. It's a challenge in juggling two wards, you have double of everything-- meetings, Joint Teachers, etc. It's been hard to make the distinction between the two wards, for i get members and investigators mixed up on who belongs where and in what ward. We  actually corner two stakes so i also have two stake presidents to deal with. Goodness-- this is a steeper climb than my experience in Rochester with covering two wards. I feel bad for those Utah missionaries who cover multiple stakes.

We were able to set two baptismal dates! Kaylee (14yrs) and Jordan (9yrs). It's been a miracle to say the least how this family has come back into the fold. Their mom is a member that has been less active since she was 8 years old. God has lead her to truth once again. Elder White and Elder Dobbins, a week before i came, found this family tracking. The mom wasn't home, but her kids gave her a pass along card. She visited the site and looked up the location of the church and times. The information on the website for the location was correct, but the time was wrong (11Am). It so happened at that time it was General Conference and the sunday session was going on at the church. So it all worked out! Now, tell me that that's not a miracle and a half!? I'm grateful for the Lord letting me be part of this miracle and playing a small role in their journey back to the gospel.

Well family i love you all, and have a great week!

Elder B Browning

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