Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012



April 9, 2012

Hey family,

 Oh my goodness a change has happened. I will be leaving Twin Ports and be returning to Minneapolis. The new area is Plymouth, Minnesota! It's right by my old area Eden Prairie, and both are very similar--wealthy strong wards. My new companion will be Elder White. I'm excited for the new adventure. I'm still a District leader-president wants to keep me on my toes my last two transfers. Elder Gottfredson will be getting Elder Snyder. I know Elder Snyder really well and he'll do great!

 I will miss Twin Ports, definitely some unique characters and some really faithful characters. I'll be staying in touch with a few of them for sure. Goodbyes are always hard, my goodness, I'll probably shed a few more tears in the next two days. Wednesday is when we catch the bus to Minneapolis. It's a 3 hour drive.

 It sounds like you all had a great Easter! My Easter Sunday was great, very spiritual. We had quite a few investigators at church- 5 investigators came. Elder Gottfredson and I taught the gospel principles class due to our ward mission leader having to leave for personal matters. Jon, one of our investigators we picked up last week, came to church. He's a super cool guy and he has a lot of potential. We'll be meeting with him in a couple hours today. After church we headed home and had a sad Easter Dinner at our apartment. i didn't really have any food -week of transfers we hold off on food.  I ended up eating some pasta and heated up some canned tomato sauce. Yumm =P

I'll be sending a package back home. It will contain most of my winter stuff. Thank you for the Drivers License form. I'll be sending that today. Wish me safe travels. Sorry, my emails become shorter and shorter.

Love you all so much,

Elder B Browning

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