Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Plymouth/ Weaver Lake

April 16,2012

Hey Family,

Hello From Plymouth Minnesota. I really have enjoyed these last few days. Change has always been a challenge for me, but I'm taking all of my experiences and things that i have learned and I'm applying them in this transfer. It's been a really neat experience and i have so much joy right now being a missionary. I came in with a baptism coming up! His name is Paul. Super awesome guy and his interview went great! We're also working with a part member family that was found by a child giving the mom a pass along card. They unexpectantly came to conference and have been to church ever since then! We'll be setting two baptismal dates with the two kids -12 year old girl and 9 year old boy.

My new companion is Elder White. He's an awesome elder- He's been out for about 14months. I'm a huge fan of his personality. He's probably the most polite and Christ-like person i have dealt with for a companion. I'm really excited to serve with him this transfer!

Plymouth/Weaver Lake wards

I'm covering both Plymouth and Weaver Lake. Both wards are very strong wards with lots of leadership and youth. Mainly the members work for General Mills and Target. And a majority of the members work in marketing and sales! I really feel like the Lord is leading me down that avenue. I remember Sister Asay talking about her family being here in the Plymouth area. Could you guys do more research for me on that? It's a beautiful area, reminds me of Eden Prairie I'll be able to visit Eden Prairie because they’re in my district! I'm going their tomorrow on an exchange with Elder Loyae.

District missionaries joke around and call me the Relief society President -instead of district leader. The reason for this is there are two sets of sisters in my district, which is very rare for our mission. HAHA 
There are 4 total teams- 3 of those teams are training. Very young district, I'm excited for district meetings.

The weather had been something else here. We've had a few Tornado warnings the last couple of days. Today is pretty lousy.

I've been thinking a lot about Elder T Browning. He's leaving tomorrow? Crazy, he's in for a life change. I'll be really praying hard for him.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my trunky package home. I really need to lose a lot of stuff.  I'll be sending a couple more packages home before i'm done.

I got a letter from Cameron Martin. He still doesn't have his call, but is expecting it any day now. Too many things are changing, just heard that McCall Hobbs is getting married, crazy.

Love you all,
Elder B Browning

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