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Spirit = Power

April 2, 2012

Hey Family,

What a spiritual week is was for me. I was able to feast upon the words of Christ that were provided by our modern leaders, this also includes President Clements training. It was a great strength to me. I've noticed that if it wasn't for these spiritual boosts I'd be dried out! The Spirit = power that allows us to overcome our weaknesses and struggles.

We had a specialized training by President Clements- he has to travel a bit to make it up here. It was a great training and the focus was working with members on the social aspect of conversion. That's really the first step to our investigators testimony’s- feeling comfortable with friends. We had the Grand Rapids Elders stay the night, and I went on a exchange with Elder Johnson (he's been out 1 month).

Conference was just so great! I really have to review them again to find out what's my favorite. Some talks that i really enjoyed would have to be, Elder Oaks on Sacrifice. Elder Hallstrom’s talk was really good too!  A Blast of spirit overcame me as i heard Elder Uchdorf’s testimony in the morning session. It hit every fiber in my being. I'll never forget how simple his testimony was. It was when he was testifying of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, as he said the words " they are real" that i felt the power of the Holy Ghost testify. It's amazing how much more we can receive when we prepare ourselves and live the commandments. Especially when distractions are gone! This has been a huge blessing and faith building experience, as i have witnessed time and time again how important conference is. My testimony always increases in our leaders and the church.

The month of march was a really good month for Twin Ports, a rebuilding month but none the less good. Members have been referring their friends! Jonra, a recent convert that was baptized in January, is sharing the gospel with all of her friends! It's amazing to witness! Other members have referred their friends as well. We've got 5 referrals that have resulted in new investigators and are now part of our teaching pool. We're excited for the future.

Well family, take care. It's windy and cold here. I hope everything is going well. Elder T Browning seems to be doing great. The Work continues here in Duluth. Next week will be transfer calls, and i'm not sure what's going to happen to me.

Elder Browning

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  1. I see The Barlow's from Idaho Falls in the District Meeting picture!! How fun!