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Good Week

March 26, 2012

Hey Family,

It's a cold windy day in Duluth, but I'm happy as a missionary right now.  The work continues, as missionaries, we're excited to feast upon the words of our leaders this week with General Conference coming up, also we have a specialized training by President Clements. It will be a great week to learn more from our leaders.

P-day has been great. We went to a catholic cathedral, and it was beautiful to say the least. We looked at some of their doctrine on baptism. If you're Christian, and you want to join their church, you can usually just sign up, but if you're a non-Christian, or Mormon, you must be baptized. I think it's so funny, we're the only church that falls on their list of being re-baptized.

We had a bit of a miracle this last Saturday. Lidea (investigator) accepted to be baptized. We're not sure when the date will be, but we're super excited! Miracles have fallen before us. The first one was the first initial contact. We called her about  2 months ago out of the area book, and it just so happens that she was praying for guidance right at that very moment. She acted on the answer and let us come teach her. Then she had a dream that she was baptized into our church. Lidea texted us, and invited us over for dinner last week. We had some members over there that basically got her to contemplate baptism.

Oh my goodness, Missy still isn't confirmed. We're tripping over here. She's been very sick, so she won't be confirmed till April due to conference. Yikes. We're into some new investigators, though. We received two member referrals which resulted in two new investigators. We're pretty excited to work with them. We're trying to really concentrate our efforts with investigators that can progress and keep commitments. Ahh it's not an easy task.

I had the opportunity to do a baptismal interview in Grand Rapids. It's always a great experience traveling a bit and seeing other areas. We have a really good district up here in the north land. I did my District meeting training again over skype, this time in Grand Rapids, haha. It was a big pain the the neck. Oh well, we're the biggest district in the mission-- missionaries, and geographically.

I'm happy to hear about Cecily, I've prayed for her this week. A lot has gone on while i've been gone! I'm really impressed.

Well i love you family, and enjoy conference. It's going to be a great meeting.

Elder Browning

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