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Transfers and updates

Feb 27, 2012

Hey Family,

 It's been another crazy week that has flown by. The snow has come to Duluth. We were hit with a good amount of snow Sunday and more to come this Tuesday and Wednesday. We had an outstanding teaching week, and we were able to involve a lot of members in our teaching. We had a great turn out at church, 6 investigators witnessed the dedication of the remodeled Duluth building. Both bishops from the Twin Ports Ward and the North Shore Ward gave wonderful talks that really spoke to our investigators. One was about why a church had to be organized and the other one was on sacrifice.

I'd like to first hit on transfers! Elder Olaveson will be leaving Twin Ports and we'll be going to Crystal. We were both surprised with this! We thought for sure we'd be together. I will dearly miss Elder Olaveson. He's been such a good companion and i respect his talents and his consecration as a missionary. My new companion will be Elder Godfree. (not sure on the spelling). I'm looking forward to the new transfer! I'm still the district leader and it will be great! We're having a new set of elders coming into North shore! My district is now even bigger! I'll be going on exchanges every week! We have 8 total teams in this district (biggest in the mission-usually an average zone = 8 teams).We've seen a lot of success as a district.

Missy is hanging in there. She hasn't been able quite smoking yet. There have been some real drama issues in her family right now, her mom is a roller coaster on how she supports Missy. Lately it hasn't been good support, she created a rumor about Elder Olaveson and I being Missy new boyfriends. As you know, this isn't true, and Satan is doing everything that he can to make things complicated. Missy is determined to be baptized, and we feel confident that she'll be baptized in the month of March.

Dan and Angie are now praying about their date. We invited them last Saturday. Dan is really sincere about getting baptized, and both are quitting smoking. We didn't even bring up the word of wisdom! I tell ya, the Lord prepares people for the fullness.

We also met with a woman who has been prepared, she has received a couple signs of the truthfulness of this church. A cool thing about this mission is revelation and how it works. We picked a couple joint teachers that were perfect for her. They were able to relate so well! The spirit does guide us and backs up the truth. We'll invite her again to be baptized.

We've been working with another couple which we feel could be a kingdom builder family. Elder Olaveson and I have been putting a lot of mental/spiritual energy to help them come closer to Christ. Both of them are educated. Kabe is going into Business and Christa is going to be a nurse. We found them tracting! They are interested in our message and they want to know for themselves what happens to them after this life. We taught them the plan of salvation last lesson. Both don't have a faith in Christ at this time, and really are skeptical about organized religion.

We're meeting with a couple of others that are coming along. I truly have enjoyed the relationships that i have developed in these past 2 transfers. It's amazing how attached you get to the people. 

Well family hope everything is going well over in Idaho. Keep me in your prayers!

Elder Brooks Browning 

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