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Great weekend

March 19, 2012

Hey Family,

Great week in Duluth. We had a baptism. Missy was baptized on March 15. It was a wonderful experience to witness. I live for these moments as a missionary, and hope i can witness a couple more baptisms in the next 3 months.

The baptism attendance was great for a small Twin Ports ward. Missy's mom, younger sister and brother came to the baptism. It was really good to also see her husband-he hasn't been in church for a while. Missy is a great example to her entire family, for she's has broken the ice and is taking the lead in accepting the gospel. Missy was so touched the day of her baptism. She called us the morning of the baptism and told us she cried for joy as she knew her baptism was here. Missy has had such a strong desire to be baptized, her attributes of faith and humility truly brought her to make this covenant of baptism. I'm grateful that i was sent to Duluth to witness the experience, to see the power of the Atonement, and to see the gospel influence a family. I love my mission! Missy asked me to confirm her, that will take place next Sunday.

I gave a talk on Sunday as well. It was a missionary themed sacrament meeting. I spoke with President Miller - councilor to President Clements in the mission presidency. My talk’s focus was: engaging in gospel conversations and answering questions with greater confidence. What's the formula? Relying on the Holy Ghost and being lovingly bold. It was a good experience. I also included my experience at Piano Gallery where i had a missionary experience--remember when i lost control of the trailer sliding down backwards? I will always remember that experience. The Lord provides situations for us to engage in gospel conversations.

We continue to teach a good amount of people, We're trying to move on the elect and focus on those who can progress and be baptized. A lot of people don't have jobs or cars. Now I'm not saying that we shouldn't teach them, but the ward needs a kingdom builder -someone that's self reliant. Everyone needs the gospel some people just aren't ready. We're teaching an awesome investigator who's very strong in her faith and she's interested and fascinated about the Book of Mormon.

This week i'll be heading to Grand Rapids for district meeting and a baptismal interview, Grand Rapids is a good 1:40 minute drive. 

I'm loving the weather here in Duluth. We had close to 70 degrees. Most of the Elders in the mission got to take their suit coats off, except the Duluth zone. =(

My word, i can't believe what’s been going on with the family this last weekend. Things have been nuts over there. Hope things start dying down.

Love you all,

Elder B Browning

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