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Duluth is burning up

March 12, 2012

Hey family,

 It’s been a Hot week in Duluth with the weather- 60 degrees the last two days. The work is also on fire. It's been a great week to witness. We're starting to gain new investigators because we've gone as far as we can with our current teaching pool. So we're excited for some fresh meat.

Missy is doing so great and she can't wait for her baptism. I'm so excited! This has been quite the long hall for Missy. We're almost there, this Thursday March 15th, will be her baptism. Her uncle will baptize her. We're very excited for this and we've needed a baptism here.  Missy was really worried about her interview, which she had yesterday. She called us Saturday night pleading to go over them once more. She really wanted to do well. She understands the doctrine but as most new converts, struggles to put it into words. We'll be seeing her today. She's been off smoking for 15 days now! GO Missy! She's never been able to do this in her life. The Atonement is real. She has seen the power of prayer. One experience in particular i'd like to share came a few days ago. Friday i felt prompted to call her at 9 o’clock in the morning. At that moment, Satan was really working hard on her and she just about gave in to a cigarette. Luckily we gave her a blessing the night before to be able to withstand temptation. She knows it was because of the blessing that she was able to hold on just long enough before we were able to get on the phone with her. She was grateful that we called. We had a short scripture study over the phone and had a prayer. As we continued to talk after the prayer she had a new energy, a spiritual strength she didn't have before. Prayer and scripture study are powerful and can repel the attacks of the devil.

I was able to Skype in a Leadership training. Only two missionaries skyped into this meeting, me and Elder Dillard in Thunderbay, Canada. There was probably 60 missionaries in all. All of the district leaders and zone leaders came to feast on the training. President Clemence does such a good job! He's so real to the situation at hand. I'm always amazed after his training and i know they are of God. The main theme of the training was Love. President Clemence has a mission theme,  FLOW = Faith, Love, Obedience ,Work. Right now the focus is on love. I personally need to do better at praying for charity--the pure love of Christ. In chapter 7 of Moroni it talks about this.

Member referrals are starting to come in. We received two of them yesterday. Members are bringing their friends to church! We met with one of them yesterday. He wants to be baptized and feels the power of the Book of Mormon. It was so powerful, i love teaching at members homes. The stage is set though and we have to execute as missionaries because the members rely on us to bring the spirit into their home. We'll be meeting with another member friend this week. I have noticed that when we sincerely want to use our time most effectively, the Lord will bless us for our desires. For example, we're teaching a lot of people that aren't really going anywhere, so we've been trying to find more, trying to find someone that can build the kingdom.

This Sunday I'll be opening and speaking with President Miller (counselor to President Clemence) the theme will be missionary work obviously. I'm excited for the opportunity to speak with President Miller and get the ward fired up about missionary work.

It was great hearing from Elder T Browning. Seems like he's doing great things in the MTC.  I hope Cecily's surgery will go alright, she's in my prayers for sure. Congrats to Dallin, he leaves the day after i get back!
Cool to hear Grandma and Grandpa Browning will be going on a mission! The Browning's will flood the earth and teach all tongues and people.

Well family i love you all and have a great week.

Elder B Browning

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