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Snowy week

March 5, 2012

Hey family,

I' m still alive over here in Duluth. This last week we had a crazy storm that dumped 2 feet of snow on us--it was the highlight really. It sure put a damper on the Lord’s work though but we should be able to recover somewhat. We had 1 investigator to church because of the weather. It was embarrassing, primary cancelled because there weren’t any kids! Haha.
March i guess is when the heavy snowfall comes. This last week i've been shoveling non stop for people. I really want a snow blower haha. It's been a great experience though and it feels like Duluth Minnesota! I'm glad we have an AWD vehicle to handle to roads. Transfer day was delayed until Thursday. Elder Godfredson is a great missionary. He's from West Jordan Utah. He loves to hunt and be outside. He's a big fan of the Browning gun. =)

Again we really had a hard time with keeping appointments. It seemed like everyone cancelled on us. It's amazing how flakey people become when the snow comes-it's their crutch out of the gospel.

Missy is doing awesome! She's been smoke free for 9 days now! Her baptism is on the 15th of march. It's been a great miracle to witness her progression. We're having her over at Bishop’s house tonight for a Family home evening. I'll be interviewing another person for baptism tonight. It's been a great experience being a district leader and having the chance to interview those who have accepted the resorted gospel. There is always a special spirit.

We had a growing experience during church, Elder Godfredson and I taught Gospel Principles class. Usually it's not a big deal to teach, but a family in the ward brought 3 of their friends to class. It was a bit stressful because we had to deliver and bring the spirit -opportunities don't usually happen like this. We taught lesson 9, about prayer. One of them is considering investigating the church. Yippee!

It was so great getting that letter of Tanner's first email. I'm really excited to start emailing him every week. I'm sure he's feasting spiritually and of course physically!

I hope the family is nice and healthy. Well family i love ya all, and keep me in your prayers!

Elder Brooks Browning


  1. What a stud! Love this kid and love hearing about his experiences !! Can't wait to see him again !

  2. :) Surprise! Tauni reads this blog!! :) I love hearing these wonderful missionary experiences :) GO BROWNINGS! :D