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Hello From Minnesota!

Aug 16, 2010

Hey Family,
So week 4 has rolled around,and I'm a little tired to say the least. The week has been another hard working week, but the work continues.
So my exchange took place last Wednesday-Friday - with Elder Steel and Vance. Elder Steel is a Zoneleader and is an amazing missionary! This was my second exchange and i learned so much! Just the different styles of missionaries was nice to see. I learned a couple different approaches. A Book of Mormon approach, and an authority approach. I can't wait until i have these imprinted in my brain, so i can discern what people need to hear.
I was in charge of my area while Elder Payne was gone. I'll admit i was a little nervous, but the Lord was definitely with me. I was in charge of all the little things, how to get there, what to teach,and how to conduct the lessons. I was also able to drive my first mission car! A Toyota Corrolla 2008 .

We've been the missionary movers! Last Thursday we helped 3 people alone move! I coughed up a few hairballs that day! (infested with cat hair.) I swear, everyone has a cat that moves! We always go at it in our dress slacks and white shirts! Serving is wonderful, and everytime someone has us help them move they need it. One person we helped will be living in her cargo trailer for a month =(  I've been given so much in my life, and it's hard to see others suffer. That's what keeps me serving with all my heart might mind strength. The Lord really does bless his people with temporal things when we follow his path.
Everyday i get an extra hour to study. I'm trying to make the most of it. People on the street throw a lot of curve balls at you, and a lot of it makes me think about my views. For the first 2 weeks i was thrown back on how people can come up with crazy viewpoints on religion! Elder Payne is awesome with dealing with weirdos that try to throw different stabs at us. The one thing i've learned is that the gospel can handle anything! It's so perfect, even the most brilliant men can't disown it!
 Well i must head out! I'll try and send some pictures!

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