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I Have Tons to Tell You!

Aug 2, 2010

Hey Family,
So two weeks have flown by here in Rochester! I have tons to tell you!
So let me get to the good stuff. Me and Elder Payne have had tremendous success, as  far as finding goes. Everyday day we rack up a average of 8 potential investigators. This last week, we were able to get 4 new investigators! Elder Payne has never had 4 new investigators in 1 week before. (he's been here for 14 months-3 in Rochester)
We have both been working really hard, to the point where we skip meals to make our appointments. Yesterday was fast-Sunday, so i thought biking in the hot sun would be an issue for my health. But the lord provides a way some how! For example, we skipped dinner last Saturday,  (before fast Sunday) The Lord blessed us for our efforts. Our land lord invited us for dinner at 9:30. He just so happened to make to much food, and precisely at the perfect time. The Lord takes care of his servants!
Rochester is a pretty diverse place. Tons of Muslims,Hispanics,Blacks,Asians, anything in the world really- the Mayo clinic is a big reason for that i think. FYI the Mayo clinic is the 3rd best Hospital in the world, something of that nature. I'm in the south east part of town, and me and Elder Payne cover most of Down Town Rochester.
Minnesota has big things coming! The church is launching a advertising campaign here! Everything from TV ads, billboards, radio. You name it. The Church has big things coming!
And it's a  been privilege to be here right when the blast is happening, perfect timing by the Lord. The new training are showing results as well. Entern-igators  Aka investigators who are slow to be baptize, are showing progression for the first time. As long as we do our best, the Lord does the rest.
Our district is an awesome district. There is 9 of us. 5 sisters, and 4 elders. According to Elder Payne, Rochester has been at ground zero as far as missionary work. President Howell has stacked Rochester with really good missionaries to work up the investigator pool. The stage right now is primarily finding.
So i've met  tons of crazy people, and it really is sad how many people are lost. Be grateful for what you have! Shelley is a huge bubble!  We get a lot of honks and waves on the streets. The majority of the people here have respect for the LDS missionaries.
Well Family, i continue to mature in the gospel. I'm glade you all had a great time at the reunion. Please send pictures. and mom if you ever have the time, i could use a homemade cook book. I'm sending some mail today for you guys. Well take care until next week! Keep the letters coming, tell Emma and Preston thanks for the drawings.
Elder Browning

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