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Zone P-day

Aug 30, 2010

Dear Traveling Family,
    Hey so last Monday was zone p-day. We had a great time throwing a football around and enjoying burgers and soda around the grill at a beautiful Minnesota park. It was nice to have  reflections from  past memories with family and friends. It made me a little homesick however, but nonetheless it was fun and relaxing.
We helped a couple more desperate people move today. I was glad to help, but we didn't get any proselyting time that day. Tina was the woman we helped from 3-8pm, she was in a emotional down slide with her circumstance. She had to be out of her house my 8pm, and with no friends or the proper vehicle, we were glad to help.
Wednesday was cool. We went to the 12th floor in the Mayo building to have Elder Payne's Hernia checked out. His appointment is scheduled for this Thursday Sept 2. I took plenty of pictures from the Mayo building, i'll try and develop them soon.
We found a new investigator! Her name is Stephanie. She came to church last week! She's a young single mother with a 5 year old son. She's seeking for a spiritual family, and a church where she can feel the spirit. 
It was a little awkward at church, but the relief society president fellowshiped  her. After sacrament, she went to primary with her son. I called her after church and it seemed like she had a good time. I hope we haven't pushed her to hard! Our next appointment will be next saturday. We're going to challenge her to baptism next saturday!
So today was transfer day! I awaited for the call from President Howell to find out the real gossip. Missionary gossip is fun like that, it reminds me of sport speculation, with trade rumors and such! Elder Payne's circumstance made it difficult for me to decide if i would stay or leave Rochester. However, Elder Payne leaked out that he was staying in Rochester,  so i had a 50/50 chance. i answered the cellphone this morning and it was one of the AP's. He put me on hold for President Howell. I talked to President Howell, and he told me I'm staying in Rochester 1st ward! My companion will be Elder Barker. (he's been out 8 months.) So another 6 weeks i'll be in Rochester 1st ward! I'm ready for the challenge to take over the area. Elder Payne is moving up to be a Zoneleader for the Rochester zone. They will be in a 3-some- until Elder Payne can recover from his surgery. The three some will contain 2 zoneleaders and a district leader! (that team is stacked)
I'm excited to strengthen my relationships with the ward members, I think i have a pretty good relationship with them so far. I 'm now use to the area, so i'm glad i don't have to start over again. Taking over an area though will be tough, I won't have my trainer to help guide me. I guess President Howell knows i'm ready to grow and develope into a powerful missionary. I do feel like i'm ready though for the challenge, i'll probably be crying next week in my email, and i'll let you know how it's going.
Well Family let me know how your Washington D.C. trip went. Send me some pictures, and a care package would be nice "hint hint"
Love, Elder Browning

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