Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Eden Prairie Update

Dec 6, 2010

Hey family! 

I'm glad things went well for thanksgiving. It's a winter wonderland here, and I'm breaking out the big time snow gear. Minnesota had another snow fall of 8 inches! I'll let you know if i get frost bite. A storm is coming Friday, i think? My driving skills our sufficient for this snow!

Things are starting to pick up here in Eden Prairie. Things haven't been the same since the boundary change. We've been working hard to fill our schedule and we met and broke the ice with a lot of less active/former investigators. Now we'll be teaching a couple more families on a regular basis! We also picked up a couple new investigators! It's nice to see the progress of our labors as we realize it comes from the Lord. We met with a less active man named George. His wife and daughter are not members but have been exposed to missionary lessons before. We also contacted Chris and he's looking to get active again in the church with his family. He's 20 years old and a way cool guy who's been lost in the world. We totally hit it off! We have the same taste of music! He knows the band Digital Summer! Way cool guy. It was important for us to develop that trust with him. I'm really close with the Hawkes family, this has definitely been a tender mercy for me to witness. He came to church!

We had dinner with Jay and Andrea and we definitely broke the ice. They are just awesome! We shared the Book of Mormon with them, and also discussed what makes our church different. They know that there's something different with mormon families and they respect how we live. They know the church leads to a good path. I just hope they know the real reason we're there. Kingdom builder family! Wish us luck this week!

Ok so we taught the Egberts last night. And we have a BAPTISMAL DATE! Estella is ready to be baptized Dec 26! We fasted for them! We came in and told her with boldness and love that we wanted her to be baptized this Chrismas season. We basically said this was her gift to Christ. I truly have love for their family and poured out my feelings with them. She's ready and is willing to give up coffee! They also went to church this week. Carla and Kevin are not ready at the moment, but we'll be working one on one with Kevin for baptism. Their mom is the sweetest Mexican lady ever! She's always cooking us authentic meals and offering treats and hot chocolate. I've been teaching this family for 6 weeks and I've grown attached to them. Kevin is a big tough 13 year old that looks likes he's 17 and never seemed that interested in the gospel. Something was different in his eyes this time around. We asked him straight up if he believes that baptism could help him. He said yes but isn't ready and wants to know for himself.

Well, family I've never been more excited. i know the Lord can soften any heart. I'm really loving the people and i'm seeing a pattern. That was a hard principle to develop--true charity and love for the people. I'm now not focusing on my personal needs or desires. Even when i use my personal study it's for the Eden Prairie people and what they need.

Stay warm in shelley! Minnesota has been in the teens with a foot of snow on the ground.

My scripture for you is 1 Nephi 22. I've learned so much about the House of Israel and how important it is to learn the historical back ground to understand true missionary work.

Elder Browning


  1. Stay warm Elder your letters. But we need more pictures!

  2. From Trivia below:

    The climate-controlled Metrodome is the only facility in the country to host a Super Bowl, a World Series and a NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship...And the only dome to have roof cave in from too much snow...