Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Happy Holidays!

Dec 27, 2010

Hey Family,

Happy Holidays! Hope things have been relaxing the last couple of days. It was great talking to you guys! I'll be honest i was a little distracted when i got off the computer. It was so surreal for me to see the family and talk to you guys. Thank you for the gifts! I just got done opening them and Elder Watkins was grateful too! The Bodylastics will do me wonders in the hard morning hours and i was so excited to see the scriptures. My studies will be more efficient. And a new sonic tooth brush? HA thank you! I'll also try to use the iron man action figures in a visual lesson, haha. Thank you again! I'll admit i was trunky after the phone call, it took me a good hour to get over my trunky mind set.

Right after i talked to you guys, we hurried and ate some Christmas lunch, then took off to see some less actives. About 6:00, we came back and ate dinner with the Larson's. After dinner we visited a guy named Bill. He's an older guy who's very lonely and he appreciated the visit. It was a good Christmas. Nothing exciting or blood pumping from material things, but a nice calm spirit made the day fantastic.

Yesterday, Sheri (investigator) attended church. She's in a wheelchair, so it put a little more pressure on Elder Watkins and I to make her feel comfortable. She seemed to feel comfortable and luckily she has fellowship friends who watched after her. Go members! Church is a stressful time as a missionary. Following up with auxiliary leaders, finding joint teachers, confirming dinner appointments, taking care of investigators, taking the meal calender around, getting to know members, GAH!

Transfer calls are in 1 week. I want to stay here in Eden Prairie. I've seen the growth and i know elder Watkins and I can do some damage. When i left Rochester i was ready to leave, but i know revelation is real in the church, and regardless what happens i know its where I'm suppose to go. So far i haven't been in a area longer than 12 weeks. We'll see what happens!
Mom i hope you have a great birthday, and happy new year! I can't believe 2011 is here! Best of luck with the upcoming year.

Elder Browning

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