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Christmas is Here!

Dec 21, 2010

Merry Christmas family,

Where did the month of December go? It's going by so fast! These 6 months have flown by. The snow continues to fall here what i now call the north pole. We received another 4 inches to add to our 20 inches in the last week. Haha, it's a challenge getting out of our parking lot every morning. Sorry about not emailing monday. We had our christmas zone conference.

This past week has been great, we're growing in teaching. Can i tell ya how fast the day goes by when you have a busy schedule and your not tracking all day? How grateful i am to be busy! Our progressing investigator- Sheri- is coming along great. We met with her for the second time and taught her the restoration. The KEY to a successful lesson is to have a member present. We've brought 2 sisters each time from our ward- they relate very well with Sheri. The spirit was so strong, Sheri started to cry when she saw the first vision picture. The Lord prepares the elite!

So our Christmas zone conference was great. At the beginning, the zone leaders train the zone on a topic out of preach my gospel. President Howell jumped in as Santa Claus and sister Howell dressed up too! Their grand kids also played a role. We missionaries got a kick out of that! One by one we all sat on presidents lap. Ha, we had some good laughs. President and Sister Howell are doing their part to keep us missionaries happy this holiday season. We each received a CD. I'm in love with it. Solo piano- hymns but their exciting, fast, and intense enough to not fall asleep to.

The Zone Conference was obviously about Jesus Christ. I learned a ton about the atonement of Jesus Christ. How crucial it was to have a mortal mother and Heavenly Father as his parents. It all fits in the plan! He had to be a God to endure, but had to be mortal to feel pain and sorrow. He had to experience what it was like to be a mortal man so he could relate to us, and because he had to experience it, sacrifice was necessary. The only Begotten Son, Heavenly Father gave his best lamb to die for us. The old testament/law of moses clearly explains the God heads role. Small things like this help wipe away stupid misconceptions of the trinity. President Howell challenged us to find names that refer to Christ. There are more than 100 different references to Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. So cool, check it out! Nephi likes to use Lamb of God- one of my favorites. I challenge you guys to try this out while reading scriptures as a family.

Well, family I'm excited to talk to you this saturday! I sent a package for you guys so i hope it gets to Idaho on time! Don't open it! I was too cheap to buy wrapping paper.

Love you all and hope you guys remember the true meaning of christmas! An awesome chapter for christmas is in Alma 7. I like verses 9-13. Check out this beast of a chapter!

Merry Christmas,
Elder Browning

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