Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012


Minnesota SNOWFALL

Dec 13, 2010

Hey family,

I'm sad to hear the passing of Grandma Smith. I truly looked up to her. She was a great example for all and she'll continue to be an example for generations to come. I have focused a lot on what a good example can do for a person. As a missionary i look up to so many people! Grandma Smith was one of the elite. I will be forever grateful for what she did for my mom and the Eliasons. Actions speak louder than words, she led her life with action and purpose.

I'm not frozen yet, I'm still alive! This week as been a crazy to say the least! As you have heard, Minnesota was dumped on by mother nature. Mission head quarters let us know not to drive Saturday and Sunday. The mission is pretty good when it comes to letting us know updates on severe weather conditions. It was a perfect time to tract! Elder Watkins and I took advantage of the severe weather morning/early afternoon. We knocked on as many houses as we could on foot. People thought we were crazy, but i had fun trying to survive the elements and a negative wind chill to go with the day! We also shoveled driveways- what a perfect time to show charity. Somebody let us in and we taught a lesson because we served first. We were able to talk to tons of people during the storm and the aftermath of the storm. However, we were not able to travel to our appointments in Chaska. Other than that our numbers our still on the up and up. My winter gear is holding up and i'm staying warm and dry. I love my coat, and my Scott gloves are amazing! The ecco snow shoes are doing well.

The work continues. We're progressing with investigators and lessons, the Lord continues to provide for Eden Prairie. We're starting to build our schedule in advance to give us a cushion. Two weeks ago we struggled to find things to do in a day. Now we're struggling to find travel time! The days go by fast when you're busy, that's a natural law.

It's amazing to see the Egbert family grow! Estella (the mom) is ready to be baptized. She's given up coffee and wants to obey the commandments big and small. Kevin is the 13 year old and he was a tough one at first, but has softened as we've taught him stories and brought God into his life. He now wants us to come over and teach him one on one! He has his Book of Mormon in hand ready to learn where as before he had no interest. This gospel is real.

We also picked up 2 new investigators, Sheri and Leonard. Sheri has big potential. We had two sisters from the ward joint teach with us when we taught her. Members are everything when they're present for the lesson, and they made the difference. It was a spiritual experience. Leonard was a former. We gave him a call, he was pumped to hear from us. He calls us his bible study peeps. We'll see if we can turn that into a Book of Mormon study.

I must tell you about the Neilson family. They are the best member family! I hit it off with their sons who love jazz basketball! They're from Boise Idaho! Our families have huge similarities! They are just classy and chill. They're missionary minded too! Quailty Idaho family!

Allright family i hope you're enjoying the Christmas spirit! I know I am! Drink hot cocoa!
My scripture this week is 2 Nephi 29. This explains what the world thinks about the Book of Mormon, and what God thinks about it.

Elder Browning

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