Last Dinner Appointment with the Neilson Family- July 2, 2012



Nov 7, 2011

Hey family,

This email will be a quick one. Elder Potter and I had a great week! We set a date with David! This will complete the family. David is the husband to Amanda. He came to church and has received a spiritual answer. David has told us of his spiritual conversion. Every time he reads the Book of Mormon he said in his own words, "The whole household gets quiet and peaceful. The kids even asked, “Daddy can we go to church again? It felt good".

This week has changed my life and brought me so much peace and love for those I'm serving. We committed David to the Word of Wisdom. He's grown up on this stuff, so it's a challenge for him. We brought over the perfect joint teacher, our Elders quorum president. He was able to relate to him really well because our Elders quorum president went through the same thing. We'll be working out with David at 8:00 at night to help keep his mind of the beer (that's his usual temptation time).

Sorry family i'm running out of time! I'll try to send another email!

Elder Browning

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