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Best weekend ever in Rochester

Oct 17, 2011

Hey Family,

Oh my goodness i have so much to tell you! However, my writing is weak, “therefore i cannot write but a few words which sufficeth me”.

As you know, Elder Cook came to Rochester! I had the chance to hear from him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can testify that he's been called of God. The quorum of the twelve apostles is the organization that Christ established for the latter-days. Let me try to convey this weekend.

Friday was a tender mercy. President Clements invited the city of Rochester to come up to Bloomington to hear from Elder Cook. We arrived early for interviews, which made it difficult because the anticipation was killing us for Elder Cook's arrival. After some study in the chapel to prepare for Elder Cook’s arrival, the time came and Elder Cook came through the door with his wife. I was so pumped to see my 150 brothers in arms with an apostle in our presence. Elder Cook's main message was "You're doing the best thing right now as a missionary". He shared some early church history experiences with the first missionaries. He talked about how all odds were against the first international missionaries, but they were able to have their first baptisms a week later after the arrival of missionaries in England. Sister Cook talked about the power of testimony in music. " What's stronger than truth? Truth in a musical setting". That really hit home because my passion for music has increased tremendously out here on the mission. I believe i was born with this passion. I know I'm a late bloomer to music and mom i should have listened to you and kept with my piano lessons.

Saturday was a super day as well. President Clements had Elder Potter and I help him in his talk to the Stake and ward leadership meeting with Elder Cook and Elder Payne of the Quorum of the 70. I sat right behind Elder Cook! We helped president set up the computer for the power point display before the meeting, and during the training we helped with the power point. So there are some perks to being a zone leader.=) It was the coolest thing because Elder Cook had an open question and answer conversation at the meeting. Elder Payne and Elder Cook went back and forth answering questions like Batman and Robin! It was amazing to see the wisdom and knowledge they had. Questions like, the future with missionary tracting, countries opening up, computer usage for missionaries etc. It was legit. Oh and during Presidents talk/training he shared the miracle of one of our (Elder Potter and I) investigators getting their answer after listening to Elder Cooks last conference talk.

That evening there was also an adult session of Stake Conference. We were able to get two investigators to go to that. We got the first two rows on the side and we made sure they would get a good view of the apostle. Both of our investigators loved it and took notes. The meeting was amazing and the talks truly talked to our investigators. Elder Cook then came down to shake our hands - we made sure we were first. I still remember what he said to our investigator, "Are you investigating the church?" -yes, "Have you felt the spirit today"? -yes, "Listen to these missionaries, whatever they say. You're on the right path". How cool is that? An apostle of the lord being able to testify to our investigator!

I'd like to finish with the miracle i might have mentioned. Due to the new rule, i won't be able to say our investigators names anymore over email.

One of our investigators came to the last session of conference and got her answer to be baptized after Elder Cook's talk. With this, we were very excited to have her listen to Elder Cook while he was here in Rochester to finalize that answer that she received two weeks ago. She wasn't planning on coming, due to health and late hours at work. But we we're able to testify of the need to hear Elder Cook speak in person. It was amazing how everything came together. Satan turned her alarm off, but she still woke up out of the blue on time and was able to come to Stake conference at 9:30 am after working late hours of hard work. Then, every talk applied to her. President Foot’s talk was about life after death and comfort of the plan of happiness (our investigator’s loved one is going through a hard time) and lots of things were answered. At the very end of Stake Conference, President Clements was able to get Elder Cook to meet out investigator. I was doing a baptismal interview at the time, so i wasn't there. But it's amazing how the Lord works! We have two baptisms this Saturday, Oct 22nd!

Well i most go golfing with one of our members love you all!

Elder Browning

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