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Thanksgiving/ Upcoming baptism

Nov 24, 2011

Hey Family,

Happy thanksgiving! What a wonderful time of the year--the holidays are here! I'm so grateful for so many things and in this email i'll include a list and the majority will be my expressions of thanksgiving.

This week has been quite the experience but mostly because it's the winding down to David and their daughter's baptism. I have been waiting for this moment and i'm so grateful to be part of this journey with David. I can't wait until you meet him and his wonderful family. We're making this baptism a big deal over here in Rochester. President Clements and Sister Clements will be here on Saturday to attend the baptism. President Foote (stake president) will also be there. We're leaping with excitement because we're both taking part in the program. Elder Potter will baptize David, and I'll be baptizing Angela. The ward has really been behind us. It's been years since Rochester has had a full family come into the gospel. Bishop Larsen has been here for years and years and he can't recall a full family joining the fold. Yes! The hype is hard to control! It's on our mind every day, all day. David will be an amazing priesthood holder. He's been so faithful and has become a great brother in the gospel. I will not loose touch with him or his family.

It's amazing how trials hit before the final leap of faith. A good friend of David passed away from a car crash. David received this news 5 minutes after we left from a discussion. He read 2 Nephi 9 which talks about the plan of salvation, and it gave him a large amount of comfort. David will leave right after the baptism to see his loved ones who are suffering. He'll be a great light to his friends and perhaps trials do happen before something great comes. Amanda’s niece passed away unexpectedly before her baptism.

David has been a rock through his journey to quit drinking and chew and he's still going strong. This is a true miracle and i'll remember his faith and actions forever. The ward is taking some good action to invite them to FHE, dinner, activities, etc. David and Amanda's family are celebrities! They are social butterflies as they mingle with member families.

So Thanksgiving has been good. I'd like to make a special shout out to the Bessett family (ward missionary in 4th ward) for feeding us and taking us. There's a lot of people here right now, and i'm grateful for their willingness to feed two hungry orphan missionaries.

This morning we played the annual turkey bowl. Last year we played with a foot of snow, and this year has improved as far as the weather goes. It was still cold in the mid 30's and windy, but it was a lot of fun. I had an ok game with 3 throwing td's and 1 interception. the interception came at the very end where i made a final dive/tackle to save the interception touch down and redeem my horrible throw. I landed on the ground pretty hard, and i felt sorry because it was an older man that i hit and he was a bit dazed after. My left ankle suffered the consequence of my actions, and i can hardly walk. Then my right arm took a bang also. My turkey bowl career is over as a missionary. Haha.

What i'm grateful for:
I’m grateful for technology that allows me to email and keep in touch with my family. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father and Savoir Jesus Christ. I've been able to really appreciate their influence in my life. I'm grateful for my testimony, it has tripled as i've been out here. I'm grateful for my family, I truly have the best family. I have realized the importance of goodly parents. It's really cool to see in the Book of Mormon, how Lehi teaches Jacob, and then to see Jacob teach and testify of the same things as his father. I'm so grateful for my mission. I have learned and grown so much. I'm grateful for David and Amanda and their desire to come close to Christ, and it's been the crowning event of my mission. I'm grateful that the Lord allowed me to be part of their conversion journey. They will be baptized this Saturday at 2 o’clock.

Have a great week family. i love you all and i'm grateful for your prayers and support! Have fun in the sun in St George Utah! Well i better go, Thanksgiving dinner calls!

Elder Browning

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