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Crowning event

Nov 14, 2011

Hey Family,

Sorry this will be short again, but i had wonderful week again. David (Amanda's husband) is doing wonders and i'll explain details shortly. But truly right now i'm at the crowning moment of my mission. Also it's neat to hear about the exciting news that Jeren is coming home. I can't believe that. Time really goes fast! Also that's great news that Nelson is going to California.

David is doing super, he's amazing. He'll be a kingdom builder for sure. David commited to live the word of wisdom and has stuck to it! Chew and drinking will not longer be a problem. The cool miracle was the joint teacher we brought Brother Buman. He was perfect because he was able to relate to David's situation. Elder Potter and I didn't know the real reason why we called him, but the spirit told us to. David commented and said, “Boy you guys are good at what you are doing (bringing over a perfect joint teacher that relates)”. We told him it was God. The neat thing about this whole process is David is keeping himself busy. He's doing whatever it takes to stay away from temptation. He even moved his work schedule around so that he can make it to church to receive spiritual strength. It has been the best sight to see David and his family sit together. The ward is jumping all over this and they're really excited about missionary work. It has truly been a great experience. I have found my family! I’ve been praying for this moment on my mission. We got special permission to go to the gym a couple times with David and Amanda, to help keep David focused and busy. David and Angel will be baptized together on Nov 26. It will be a great day! I look forward to come back in one years time and see them get sealed in the temple.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I'm loving Rochester! Elder Zwick of the 70 will be coming for a mission tour this Friday, and also he'll attend our Zone leader council. That will be really neat! I'm pretty pumped for that!

Guess what? I'm still running! Brother Buman has been pushing us to the limit, and the other day we went 8 miles! Our goal is 10 by the end of the transfer. It feels really good to run!

Well family I love you all! Give Jeren a big hug for me! He was an amazing missionary.

Elder Browning

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